As soon as the blinker turns on without notice… Land Rover’s car collided with 200 million Porsches

Land Rover and the Porsche owner who had an accident had to change lanes as soon as the blinkers were on. / Video = YouTube ‘Han Moon-cheol TV’

As soon as the blinkers were turned on, the story of an accident with a vehicle that changed lanes was reported.

On the 1st, on the YouTube channel ‘Han Moon-cheol TV’, ‘Land Rover claims negligence to me as well. A video titled ‘Which driver can avoid?’ was uploaded.

Reporter A said, “I bought a Porsche for 200 million won.” He said, “I recently had an accident with a Land Rover that changed lanes quickly as soon as I turned on the blinker.”

He said, “I was driving slowly just before the accident.

He also complained, “As you may have seen in the video, I don’t know which driver can avoid a car that changes to an emergency car without any notice.”

Person A said, “Our insurance company says 100:0 and the other’s insurance company also says 100:0, but only the driver of the other party is not accepting it,” he added.

Attorney Han Moon-cheol, who saw the story, said, “There was a collision accident due to avoidance of a non-contact sudden lane change, but it was a non-contact, but a 100:0 appeal was made.”

“At that time, as soon as the car in front turned on the blinker, I changed lanes and avoided to the right, but there was an accident with the Starex behind me.

Kim Hyun-deok, reporter at [email protected]

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