As they destroy a PlayStation 5 of 13 thousand 999 pesos: VIDEO

Was the past 12th of November when the PlayStation 5 was launched on the market with a price of 13 thousand 999 pesos, while the PS5 Digital Edition is available at a price of 11 thousand 499.

The price and the technology that this console handles for many is extremely important, so thinking that this toy could have an accident is something that causes terror

Currently there are thousands of people who are treating their console with exaggerated delicacy, however the soulless youtuber of Plainrock124, it does not.

How to destroy a PS5

The famous youtuber destroy your new PS5 with great joy, for many this can be a kind of fetish, for others it is not.

The video begins with the DualSense being tested with multiple blows before being reduced to pure shards.

What is surprising is that the PS5 controller took up to six hits before it stopped working.

Finally he tossed a mini fridge on top of the PS5 repeatedly until he was done with it.


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