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[Epoch Times October 27, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin compiled a report) Japanese gossip media recently called Mito Asami’s statement strangeToda ErikaRetreat, the friendship between the two has changed, etc.In this regard, in addition to Mito Mami’s article on IG, his brokerage company also issued a statement today (27)Asami MizukawaThe honorary person takes relevant corresponding measures.

On the 25th, the Japanese gossip magazine “Weekly Women” reported that,Toda ErikaOf friends revealed that six years ago through mutual friends became familiar and intimateAsami MizukawaIn the past, Erika Toda used to publish photos of the two eating and celebrating their birthdays on their official IG. However, after Mizukawa married Masataka Kubota in 2019, the two parties did not meet as often as they did in the past, and Mizukawa’s strange speech and behavior made Toda evaded Sanshe.

The report stated that Toda began to avoid Mizukawa due to incomprehensible remarks such as “The epidemic is a conspiracy”, “Don’t eat meat, eat food containing enzymes”, and Mizukawa also deleted the two people she had disclosed on IG in the past. Group photos, but photos taken with other artists in the same period have not been deleted.

In this regard, in addition to Toda Erika’s refuting rumors on IG, Mizukawa Asami also stated on her official IG today that “artists will be scolded if they lie, and why gossip magazines will not be scolded for lying?” They also condemned the gossip media for their own guesswork. Actresses and entertainers who have met have written many malicious articles. Even if I deny it, these media still publish magazines arbitrarily, causing artists to be harmed by these baseless and lie-filled remarks.

This afternoon, Asami Mizukawa’s brokerage company “sucre” issued a public statement regarding the media’s excessively speculative reports (Click to see). Regarding the deletion of IG photos, the brokerage firm stated that after Mami Mizukawa left the former company ALCAtlantis and set up a personal office “sucre” in 2016, he deleted the article before the establishment of the new company as a symbol of welcoming a new start. However, the media responded This publication contains content that is inconsistent with the facts.

The brokerage company stated that the media has repeatedly taken out of context, published personal affairs of artists, and arbitrarily extracted SNS content, writing things that are inconsistent with the facts as if they are true, which has obviously damaged Mizukawa Mami’s reputation, so the company will take this Related measures.

At the end of the statement, the company stated that Mami Mizukawa is an actor and a person who feels pain. The company will guard Mizukawa’s happiness and dignity and continue to accompany her.

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