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Asenjo, for the third time before the judge, declines to answer about audios with Villarejo


The former head of Security of Iberdrola Antonio Asenjo has appeared for the third time before the judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday, when he has accepted his right not to testify about the audios that act in the proceedings and in those who would appear to deal with the retired commissioner and in provisional prison José Manuel Villarejo. He does not confirm or deny that he leaves the recordings.

It is the position that his defense has adopted after warning the court that he may have incurred because of the nullity of the two statements previously given because he ensures that in the first, during which the diligence began, his rights were not read. Although he has not formally requested that the sessions be canceled, he has sent that message to the court as a warning to navigators.

In both sessions he responded to both the prosecutors and the magistrate and assumed full responsibility for 17 invoices with misrepresented items for which Iberdrola paid the commissioner’s company 1.1 million euros, giving details of commissions, missions and ways of operating . He even conceded that some of the issues were dispatched personally with the president of the power company, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, although, in general, he exempted him from responsibility, stating that he did not have to know that Villarejo was behind the services. He also dissociated him from the agreement whereby Asenjo ended up leaving the bank with compensation of 1.1 million euros net after the scandal broke.

In this third appearance, only one question has been asked outside the context of the audios and it was related to his knowledge, which became unknown, of one of the companies that appear in the summary. For a few more minutes, he has been shown a total of four recordings on matters such as the investigation of a worker suspected of taking bites or an uncomfortable shareholder by wayward, without making any assessment or answering any questions about it, according to sources consulted

His defense has gone from maintaining a collaborative position with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor to writing that prosecutors want to make their client “thirteen fourteen.” In that document sent to the court, he criticized the treatment he is receiving in the case José Antonio Del Olmo, former director of Iberdrola who attends as a witness. He prepared a report on the work for Villarejo that has earned him a complaint by the power company for falsehood and slander before the Bilbao Prosecutor’s Office. .



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