Asha Shara used to wear hijab, now she is suing her husband


Asha Shara shocking the public. The artist filed for divorce from her husband, Syafiq Assa’dy.

Asha Shara filed the lawsuit at the Tigaraksa Religious Court, Tangerang Regency, Banten. From the information system that detikcom saw, Asha Shara filed a lawsuit against Syafiq Assa’dy on Friday, November 13, 2020.

The lawsuit was filed by Asha Shara through her legal powers with the ecourt system. The divorce case of Asha and Syafiq Assa’dy entered the Tigaraksa Religious Court with number 5981 / Pdt.G / 2020 / PA.Tgrs.

Regarding this, Asha Shara finally opened her voice. There are not many comments, the 33-year-old woman only asked for the best prayer about her divorce.

“He he he just prayed, mas, the best,” said Asha Shara when confirmed by detikcom, Friday (13/11/2020).

Asha Shara was outspoken about the breakup. She admitted that there was a problem with her husband.

“There is a problem, but later. We’ll just follow the process, how come I’m holding a conference,” said Asha Shara.

While exhaling, Asha Shara sound hard to tell about his household with Syafiq Assa’dy. His feelings were still depressed as if he could not believe the current reality.

“Yes, please understand. Sorry,” said Asha Shara.

Not many words, Asha Shara only asked for the best for her divorce from Syafiq Assa’dy. Moreover, his position now has two young daughters.

“Right now I can’t comment on anything, just ask for prayer,” said Asha.

Asked further, Asha Shara refused to answer again. He bestowed it all on the legal authority, Kasman Sangaji.

“Just think about it, bro, it’s better if I have a lawyer. I can’t give any clarification now. You can just call my lawyer. Just look for Kasman Sangaji, the lawyer,” said Asha Shara.


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