Ashen Light, Virginides and Gemini Constellation

Published on : 15/03/2021 – 16:10Modified : 11/03/2021 – 12:04

From March 15 to April 15, you will be able to observe in the African sky the ashy light, the constellation Gemini but also the equinox of March 20! The astronomers of the web review L’Astronomie Afrique share with us their ephemeris …

With the planetologist / Paris Saclay, Sylvain Bouley

In partnership withAstronomy Africa

On March 16 and 17, 2021, we invite you to watch the ashy light. I do not know if you have already paid attention, but when you have a nice crescent moon, it is not uncommon to see the region of the Moon, which is normally located at night, slightly illuminated. It is this slight glow that we call the ashy light. It is in fact the light of the sun which is reflected on the Earth and which comes to illuminate the Moon.

On March 19, 2021 you will see un beautiful rapprochement between Mars, the Moon and the star Aldebaran. March 24 will be the small swarm of shooting stars of the Virginides which will appear to come from the constellation Virgo. You won’t see many of them, but the Virginides have a habit of offering very pretty meteors in the bright, persistent sky.

On April 6 and 7, I invite you to get up early and discover in 2021 lThe planets Jupiter and Saturn accompanied by a pretty lunar crescent.

The constellation of the month that I would like you to discover is the constellation Gemini. To find it, a little trick, you find the Big Dipper and you take the diagonal of the pan and you should find the star Castor. You will see another star of the same brilliance and not far away it is Pollux. Gemini is a constellation that forms a large rectangle in the sky that is quite easy to see in the sky. So of course Castor and Pollux are the names in Greek mythology. In Egypt, the 2 Gemini are called, for example, Shou and Tefnut.

Do not hesitate to send us the name of Gemini in the mythology of your country!


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