Ashin of the North’ Whoever watched the end, didn’t understand…must read.

July 26, 2021 | By Tasanee Saleepoch


After watching this, let’s talk…. Whoever has finished watching Kingdom special part, don’t understand where. Read the details here. both about how the herbs restore the souls to make people zombies, why “Ashin” was so angry that he let the zombies spread in Joseon, etc.

Spliler alert

This article must draw a spoiler alert header so that it can be clearly seen. Because the contents of the Kingdom series special ‘Kingdom : Ashin of the North’ have been revealed in detail. To discuss and discuss issues that are sure to have many people who, even after watching the show, still do not fully understand it, so it is suitable for those who have finished watching it. or people who are not afraid to know the content before viewing only

Kingdom : Ashin of the North It’s exactly the title of the story, that is, a special part of the main series that is split up to talk about the background, birth, and grievances of ‘Ashin’ in particular, why she became ‘. The villain’ that will cause a stir And the doom of the series Kingdom Season 3 certainly has more intense content.

  • Politics between Joseon and Nomads

Kingdom is a zombie apocalypse series that takes on politics. And the power struggle in the Joseon era (Joseon) is integrated into the core of the story. As for the Ashin of the North special, the power struggle moves from the royal palace of the Joseon Kingdom to the northern border. It is related to 3 different ethnic groups, namely the Joseon, the Niu Zhen Tribe. and the Pajovi Tribe

  • Joseon – Places of important events in the main sector there is hanyang city (now Seoul) is the capital. It is located in the northwest of Korea.

  • Niu Zhen – The Nyu Zhen Tribe (Nǚzhēn) is a nomadic tribe that spreads in northern China. and the upper Korean peninsula There was a group of Niu Zhen people who settled in North Korea along the Amkok River. It is called ‘Songjoyain’, but despite having lived in Joseon for centuries, Instead, they were not recognized as one. They were also despised for being savage and humiliating.

  • take a screen – Pajeowi (Pajeowi) is a Niu Zhen tribe known for their strength. Master the Battle Inhabited on the northern border of the Joseon Kingdom.

The events of the main Kingdom series take place three years after the Imjin War. (The events of the Japanese invasion of Korea between 1592-1598) while the special story takes place before that. It was during the Joseon was watching for the Japanese troops to invade the south. So feared that chaos would happen at the same time if the ‘Pajawi’ troops invaded the north. The royal court therefore turned to deceive the Niu Zhen people in Joseon. (Ashin’s tribe) is a political tool. spy on the movements of the Pajovi clan.

In the Kingdom Special, we will find representatives of these three groups as the main protagonists: ‘Min Shirek’, the commander of the military camp (Joseon), Tahab and Asin (Nujen tribe in Joseon), and Aidakan (Pajawi tribe).


  • The vengeance of ‘Ashin’

‘Ashin’ He is a Niu Zhen in Joseon. Lives in the village of Seongjeoyain on the northern border. Her father ‘Tahab’ is a village leader with great loyalty to the Joseon Dynasty. because he wanted the royal court to certify his own tribe as the Joseon people properly But he was tricked into using it as a tool to prevent them from bringing Je-wi to invade Joseon only.

In the series, it is clear that ‘Ashin’ disagrees with his father’s consent to be a tool of the Joseon court. But when his father died because he spyed on the Pajwvi under the orders of ‘Min Shirek’, the commander of Chupa Jin Camp. She herself had to inevitably become a political figure of the Joseon court. to seek revenge for his father who was killed by the Jovi tribe.

but at the end Asin who can endure anything even if he sleeps in a pigsty. and fell victim to the carnage of soldiers in the camp It reaches a breaking point with Joseon when she finds out the truth. (From the letter Min Shirk wrote to the royal court) that the father did not die because he was sent to spy. But he was betrayed by Min Shirak himself, who “sacrificed the village of Ashin” by lying to the chief of the Pajovi tribe. The man who killed the Pajowi who came to the wild ginseng in Joseon was ‘Tahab’ to shirk responsibility. The Pajowis would only be able to kill some people in the entire Ashin village. Do not bring troops to war with Joseon that will become a war on both sides.

After clearing the entire camp of Joseon soldiers Asin announced that her mission was Kill everyone in Joseon. and the people of Niu Zhen


  • ‘Pyesagun’, the birthplace of resurrection herbs

In the village where Asin lives, there is a closed area that has been forbidden to enter for hundreds of years, known as ‘Pyesagun’. A rope surrounds the area. There is a bell attached to prevent intruders. along with the story that the villagers who went to collect wild ginseng in that area all died but no one knows why

Ah-shin needs to go to Pyesagun to find herbs to heal her sick mother. She found a painting on the wall of an abandoned shrine with flowers. The animal ate it and lay dead. with the message that “This plant can revive the dead. But there is a price to pay.”

Asin used this medicinal herb to his family that was killed by the Pajawis, he realized that…the price to be paid…means…those who resurrected will become zombies.

Ashin, who knows the secret of this resurrection herb, uses it as a tool to take revenge on the Joseon. It starts with a soldier in Chupajin Camp who is killed and turned into a zombie. before she burned the whole camp

After that, Ah-shin brought the resurrection herb to ‘Doctor Lee Seung Hee’, a doctor who treated King Joseon in Season 1, and told him how to bury it on his face before his brain died. and that person will be resurrected in 2 hours (but not telling the story of becoming a zombie)

This is the origin of the zombie epidemic we’ve seen in the past two seasons. Which originated from the resentment of Ashin itself.

  • Where did the ‘zombies’ in the Kingdom come from?

However, being a zombie in the Kingdom series is so complicated that it may be confusing for many. which will be explained as follows:

  • A zombie born from a resurrection herb. – This type of zombies, if they have already bitten people. The bitten person will not turn into a zombie. But the body will become cold, very sick and die with the corpse infected. There are worms in the bloodstream. An example of this type of zombie is the King. and the courtiers who were bitten in the first part
  • zombies from eating zombie meat – This type of zombie is the source of the zombie army in Joseon as we saw in the first film. When the body of a corpse infected by the first type of zombie bite is used for cooking. The person who eats it will die. Become a mutated zombie that, when bitten by a person, The person being bitten will become a zombie as well.
  • A zombie bitten by a mutated zombie. – Caused by being bitten by a zombie type 2

Behind-the-scenes footage from Netflix







Let’s continue to find out how deeply ingrained Ashin’s grudges she can’t envision what will bring her down to the depths of Kingdom Season 3. But will have to wait a bit. Because now Netflix hasn’t announced an official release date yet.


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