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In the quarter-finals, the “Mimi Gang” gave us the experience of watching the game, and it also made people feel the dominance of the top laner in the universe. As long as it is not tight, he will have the opportunity to counterattack. On the contrary, the opponent’s performance was not as expected but successfully advanced to the semi-finals. Here we will also share the replays and predictions of the top four teams in the Emerald Crazy Frog Zone. The players who were not brought to the previous article will also be re-introduced.

▲”Asian Cup”: Emerald Frog Zone semi-finals competition between the evergreen team and the rookie players (photo/provided by the industry)


The quarterfinals defeated on the road without team training (2-0)

Team members:

Overall evaluation S+

The top 8 defeated “No team training on the road”. In the second round, the casting level of both sides personally felt that the casting of “Sibao Yi” is more suitable for the version. The early stage of the casting has the dominant initiative, and the second game is “No team training on the road.” In the game, Lulu and Gincos were selected in the mid and late lineups, and the four treasures all selected the early violent combination. Let Laoshan’s rapid pace to bring the rhythm is the key to victory.

For example, with the cooperation of the second top pass and the jungler Li Xing, he killed his opponent to 0/4/0 in the first 10 minutes of the game, and both games ended around 25 minutes.

Prediction: The top 4 matches against “POV Murder Miehou” will be a tough battle. Although known as an all-vehicle team, Sibaoyi has mature and irreplaceable experience in the game. Relying on good operations to make up for operational problems, he should still be able to 2-0. Take down the victory.

We really don’t score

Beat Mimi Gang in the quarterfinals (2-1)

Overall evaluation S

Previously, it was predicted that the average card position of the team was much higher than that of Mimi Gang. Normally, it should be effortless to defeat the “Mimi Gang”, but the game was played 2-1. Each game time is also unexpectedly long. Let’s probably Analyze the battle.

In the first game, the blue team “Mimi Gang” selected the few top Nasses and Midway Urgate that appeared in the current version. “We really don’t score.” Here is a combination of junglers and LeBron. The seemingly superior offensive combination lost the jungle rhythm due to his own mistakes, allowing the opponent to grow steadily in the three lanes. It’s also worth mentioning that LeBron’s incomprehensible style of production appeared in the wild, which led to the assassin’s inability to play out. Gou’s head out of the gate ruined the world, which was simply caused by the immaturity of operation and judgment.

In the second and third innings, Chi Yuan’s victory over Mimi Gang, the character of “We really don’t score”, is also a contributing factor, but it can also be seen that “We really don’t score” in the overall teamwork and discipline. It is not very mature and stable. Even if the second or third game wins, there are many mistakes that delay the game until the latter two games average 35 minutes to end.

Prediction: The winning rate of the top 4 matches against “The Goodness is Like Water” is low. With the top 8 performance, no matter whether it is team discipline or individual operation, there is really no possibility of winning.

POV murder and death thick

The quarter-finals defeated Mo Mo Su Su Nei He (2-0)


● It’s better not to see you in your dreams-Platinum III

● LokeRz2-Platinum IV

● Pounced empty-Platinum I

● Master of Yangcun Rudder ü Slow Sheep-Master

● Mamba convex-one convex-diamond II

● I don’t see in my dream, I just want to see each other-Grand Master

Overall evaluation S

“POV Killing Killing Mie Hou” was formed by six Hong Kong players. The team seems to be all amateurs. There are no well-known high-end players in the team, so it is impossible to get much information. However, in the fighting club, they found that they have the strength of the Hanbok master on average, and the characters are also compatible with the version. There are not many unique and unpopular characters.

Prediction: The top 4 competition “POV Murder and Kill” definitely has the advantage of hiding its own strength. In the case of unable to search too much, the “Sibaoyi” cannot be targeted in B/P, but the new five poisons As seniors, their experience in the field allows them to make more accurate judgments, and it is not difficult to accept the victory of the game.

Shangshan is like water

The quarterfinals beat HOW2Los (2-0)


Interstellar Special Attack Little Whale (Hongguang)-Diamond III

God’s Sonata æ Lihua Sonata (Hongguang)-Diamond II

Novice Girl Player OUO (Three Letters)-Diamond I

CuteSnake (Three Letters)-Diamond II

Bright ºx2 (Hongguang)-Grand Master

Over Time (Hongguang)-Elite

Overall evaluation S+

I believe that those who have been following this game in advance are no strangers to “Shang Shan Ruo Shui”. It is known as one of the favorites to win the Asian Cup this year. It is shared by the winning team of the Inter-School Cup “Hongguang Falcon” and the LCS regular team “Three Faiths The formation is also an elite team trained under the strong promotion of the development and application of multimedia games in Hongguang University of Science and Technology.

The five players in the team are young players with rich experience in interscholastic and amateur competitions. Because the entire team has conquered in Hanbok, the average tablet position of the team is for reference only. They faced the two masters in the game that was not broadcast yesterday. “HOW2Los” 18 minutes of rolling over.

Prediction: In terms of statistics and discipline with the team, we will win 2-0 easily if we really have no points in the top 4 matches.

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