asked for the vote for Capitanich and then met with Cecilia’s mother

2023-08-01 16:45:23

He President Alberto Fernandez visited Chaco this Monday. In an act, along with Governor Jorge Capitanich, he asked the people of Chaco to renew their confidence in the current provincial president. “Don’t forget what Coqui did these years for the Chaco,” Fernández said in his speech, framed in a Disability Congress.

After addressing the people of Chaco, the Argentine president met with Gloria Romero, mother of Cecilia Strzyzowskithe young woman murdered two months ago in that province.

The conversation took place at the Resistencia Airport, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Romero appeared with a folder with information about the case.

In that meeting, which would have been face to face according to Clarín, Cecilia’s mother told Fernández that Governor Jorge Capitanich is covering up the main defendants in the murder of her daughter, that is, her husband Cesar Cena and their respective parents, Emerenciano. Sena and Marcela Acuna. And she clarified that she fears that “Coqui’s” relationship with the Sena clan could affect the judicial process.

Fernández replied that he, as a criminal lawyer and law professor, understands that the case is being well investigated. And he told her that his greatest interest is that justice be done.

Capitanich voted in the PASO de Chaco and spoke about Cecilia Strzyzowski

After concluding the talk, Romero stated on his Instagram where he stated that he came out “satisfied and calm.” And she remarked that for two months she had been asking Fernández for this talk. “I have faith in him, I hope he shows it to me. I left with hope. I asked him not to put pressure on the issue of political prisoners. They are two politicians who committed crimes. I do not have a political flag, I want those three people (for the Sena) to remain in perpetual life and then I return to my ‘thermos’”, expressed Gloria. “I hope it complies,” she said.

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“We were talking for more than two hours, I told him what is happening with the social movements here in the province, about the cause. I asked him to intervene with the houses in the Emerenciano neighborhood. I told him that I thought all politicians are cockroaches. He told me ‘let me show you that I’m not,’” said Cecilia’s mother.

Marcela Acuña, César Sena's mother.

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