Asma Sharif Mounir deletes her photos with “swimsuits”: Satanic watches overpower me

Anchor, Asma Sharif Mounir, decided to delete some of the photos she published yesterday through her personal account on the Instagram website yesterday, in which she appeared “in swimsuits”, after she received several comments from her followers.

Asma said in a new post that she posted on her account, “I erased the last picture and said I’m going down, but because the devil’s hours beat me like the rest of the people and the hours I feel the same after I lost that I want to wear nice clothes and my daughters like this and I am happy that I still look good on me, but right, right, not arrogant “.

Asma added in the post, “I don’t really like to wear clothes that are exposed in the ordinary, but I drift behind the world that is not left, so I will resist this feeling and focus on myself and in my clothes more and I will try to wear moderate and sweet clothes in order to encourage myself and the girls who follow me that they wear beautiful clothes At the same time, it is not open, it is not a shame that one admits his mistake and all the time trying to keep it better, and by thanking the followers who caught my eye in a tasteful manner, and she concluded her speech by saying, “Every year, you are good, my beloved and my support, our Lord rejoices our hearts all and guides us, with your love.”

Asma Sharif Mounir


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