Aspetar rewards young researchers for the advancement of sports medicine

For the third time in a row, Aspetar, hospital for sports medicine and orthopedics, presents the award for young researchers, during the thirty-sixth International Congress of Sports Medicine from September 24 to 27 in the Greek capital, Athens.

The award is presented in honor of the cooperation of cooperation and joint efforts in developing sports medicine in the fields of research and education, since 4 young researchers will be awarded during the event that is held periodically every two years, in order to to favor and promote the efforts of young researchers, rewarding them by making their work known worldwide.

Therefore, the award will encourage young researchers and doctors to continue developing and applying the highest standards in scientific research in fields such as medicine, science, mathematics for the benefit of basic and clinical research projects.

One of the requirements of the award is that the nominees must have completed six years of research or medical residency degree, as well as they must not have a higher level than an assistant professor.

The jury for the award is made up of five experts and experienced doctors from Aspetar and the International Federation of Sports Medicine, who will evaluate the submitted works according to specific criteria and controls.

Since the royal partnership between Aspetar and the International Federation of Sports Medicine was signed in 2016, Aspetar has played a leading role in giving fruit to the International Congress of Sports Medicine, through the participation of Aspetar experts, as they present lectures , debates, training workshops in the field of sports medicine.

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The International Congress of Sports Medicine is held annually, attended by a lot of scientists, doctors and researchers specialized in sports medicine, which is one of the most important events in this field.

Considering that Aspetar is a pioneer in sports medicine and sports science, the hospital continues to prioritize large-scale research, educational, and clinical cooperation with various local, international scientific and sports institutions and bodies.

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