Assassination attempt on Sokhna Aida Diallo: 3 people arrested

We have just learned that an assassination attempt was carried out against Sokhna Aida Diallo according to his relatives. According to their statements, the day before Gamou, a group of about fifteen people entered the home of Sokhna Aida Diallo, called Keur Thiofel, in Madinatou Salam, Mbour. “They were hooded and equipped with machetes and firearms,” one of his relatives informs us. After having climbed the gate, they asked after Sokhna Aïda, ”he continues. The latter remains convinced that these individuals had only one objective: that of taking the life of Sheikh Béthio’s widow.

The criminals managed to neutralize some guards when others called for help, a reinforcement. What finally made the thugs flee.
The same evening of Gamou, three other attackers tried to attack the lady. But this time, they were spotted by the guards and arrested by the gendarmerie.

A complaint filed tomorrow

According to sources close to Sokhna Aida Diallo, the legal cell of the lady took up the case and a pole of lawyers is hard at work to file a complaint in order to prosecute the perpetrators of these abuses so that such acts do not happen again.

The Ministry of the Interior has been notified so that it guarantees this constitutional right which is the right to the protection of persons and property. In addition, the security of the lady has already been reinforced by a strong team of guards and a surveillance and alarm system. The talibés of Sokhna Aida Diallo also declare themselves ready to intervene if necessary, while waiting for justice to punish the culprits.


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