Assault on Capitol was ‘provoked’ by Donald Trump: Republican leader

The leader of the Republican party, to which the outgoing President Trump belongs, had already turned his back on him a few weeks ago when he congratulated Joe Biden on his election victory and asked Trump to “stop kicking”.

We took back the Capitol from the hands of violent criminals what [el pasado 6 de enero] they tried to prevent Congress from doing its duty, “said Mitch McConnell during a speech to his country’s senators on Tuesday, and then made a harsh statement against Donald Trump:

“The mob was provoked with lies by the president [Trump] and other powerful people and tried to use fear and violence to stop the certification of the November 3 elections, in which Trump lost re-election to Biden, “said McConnell in the speech reviewed in the following trill of the institutional channel C -Span.

“That mob was not above our rule of law in our country, not even for one night,” said the senator, while promising an inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris “in peace and security.”

He then said that he hopes the new government, with a president who “said he will represent us all,” will restore calm to the country.

He also said that the important issues of the country will be discussed in a forceful but respectful manner in the House and Senate, where both parties were equally represented, and agreements will be reached.

“In these processes, we must not forget that we are all Americans, that we all love this country and that we are in this together,” said the outgoing Republican leader.

What happened on January 6 at the US Capitol?

Thousands of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, the seat of Congress, on January 6 after a fiery speech by the president to a crowd gathered in front of the White House, in which he repeated his unfounded accusations about alleged electoral fraud against him. .

Five people died in the chaos unleashed on the Capitol.

On January 13, the House of Representatives indicted Trump for “inciting insurrection.” The Republican president, who leaves office on Wednesday, now faces possible impeachment in the Senate.

To convict Trump in the upper house, the votes of 17 Republican senators would be needed, and McConnell has not ruled out voting for the conviction.

This is the second impeachment process initiated by Democrats against Trump.

In December 2019, the Republican president was indicted for “abuse of power” and “obstructing the proper functioning of Congress.”

Donald Trump He was accused of asking Ukraine to investigate alleged corruption linked to his then political rival Joe Biden, in exchange for unlocking crucial military aid for that country at war.

The Senate, with a Republican majority, acquitted him on February 5, 2020 after two weeks of trial.

This is how media such as The Hill recorded what Mitch McConnell said against Trump:


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