Assigning Mikati… What is the position of the “party”?

Muhammad Shukair wrote in Asharq Al-Awsat:

It seems that the parliamentary majority is inclined to nominate President Najib Mikati to form the new government in the binding parliamentary consultations that President Michel Aoun will conduct next Monday, if he responds to the request of most of the parliamentary blocs and decides to run at the end of the open contacts that have not been interrupted between him and the most prominent political components The president was in parliament in an attempt to convince him to be the alternative to succeed Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who had apologized for forming the government.

A prominent political source attributes Aoun’s refusal to postpone parliamentary consultations, if not for justified reasons, to the fact that he wants to send a message to the international community, saying that he is with the formation of the government today, before tomorrow, in an attempt to absolve him of his accusation of obstructing the formation of the government.

The source revealed to Asharq Al-Awsat that Cairo contacted Paris immediately after Hariri apologized and informed it that the latter provided all facilities and showed flexibility that was behind his agreement to increase the number of government members from 18 to 24 ministers, but the delay came from Aoun and Bassil, and this requires French officials to specify Their position on the party that obstructed its formation and persisted in dropping its conditions on Hariri.

He points out that Cairo informed Paris that it is no longer permissible to make equality between those who facilitate the formation of the government and those who obstruct it, and thus put them in one basket. He confirms that the French presidential advisor, Patrick Dorel, called Bassil immediately after Hariri’s apology and hinted to him that there was a decision by the European Union countries to impose sanctions on the unemployed, and his reaction was that they would not be advanced or delayed as long as the US sanctions imposed on him were still in effect.

The same source expects that Mikati’s response to the parliamentary majority’s desire to run for the formation of the new government will inevitably lead to a re-mixing of the political cards in Parliament within the remaining political parties belonging to the opposition axis, although Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri was the first to position himself in the middle of the road, and this This allowed him the freedom to move and act as a fulcrum pushing towards stopping the collapse by forming an important government that adheres to the road map drawn by French President Emmanuel Macron to save Lebanon.

He asserts that out-of-focus contacts were made under the leadership of Hezbollah to explore its position in the event that the contacts led to persuading Mikati to run to form a government, which is his third since he entered the political fray. He says that she does not oppose his assignment, but rather is ready to support him, even if she calls for taking into account Basil As a matter of giving him a consolation prize intended to stand on his mind.

The same source adds that Berri restarted his engines immediately after Hariri apologized, and says that his communication with him did not stop and that the same thing applies to Mikati, who is outside Lebanon, without dropping from his account the possibility of holding a meeting between Hariri and Mikati in Paris before the appointment of parliamentary consultations.

He confirms that Berri is also in contact with the leadership of “Hezbollah,” and this is what a prominent leader in the “Amal” movement reveals, and says that the party is not about to provide political cover for a government of one color, such as the resigned government of Hassan Diab, which no longer moves a finger and is almost absent from hearing. In the interest of the “shadow government” that is formed by the Supreme Defense Council headed by Aoun, which confiscated the powers of Diab and the Council of Ministers collectively, and violates the constitution by issuing decisions, some of which are secret, although the role of the Defense Council remains under the ceiling of issuing recommendations and submitting them to the government, which is in charge of making the appropriate decisions.

In response to a question, the source says that the party is not about to enter into a political clash with the Sunni sect, and therefore refuses to repeat the experience of the Diab government with another president, and confirms that the party never minds assigning Mikati because it wants to distance him from the accusation that he is accused of delaying the formation of the government until after Clarifying the position on the front of the US-Iranian negotiations taking place in Vienna, in addition to another accusation on the grounds of his observance of Bassil and his responsiveness to his conditions, without which he would not be released.

Accordingly, it remains premature to talk about the candidates for prime minister, although Bassil favors MP Faisal Karami unless Mikati says the final word about his candidacy, which is opposed by Aoun and Basil due to the lack of political chemistry between them, in addition to the fact that appointing Mikati means an extension of where he ended up. Hariri reached to his commitment to the political ceiling that he set in agreement with Mikati and the former prime ministers who are in consultation, in preparation for the final decision that will be issued by them regarding the nomination of Mikati, who will reject if he agrees to form a quota government that will apply to him first, and then to others.

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