Association sounds the alarm: clinics will soon no longer be able to pay wages

Association sounds the alarm
Clinics will soon no longer be able to pay wages

In the corona pandemic, many hospitals are maintaining capacities to deal with Covid-19 cases. Other interventions will have to wait. As a result, some houses got into trouble, government aid is too little, industry representatives complain. The situation is “dramatic”.

The German hospitals are sounding the alarm because of their particularly tense financial situation during the Corona crisis. The President of the German Hospital Society, Gerald Gaß, warned in the newspapers of the editorial network in Germany that the clinics across the board would no longer be able to pay their employees’ salaries in the first quarter of 2021 if they no longer received help.

The clinics were in a “dramatic situation”, they had only limited financial resources, said Gass. “The money from the standard care is missing.” The federal government must increase its aid significantly. The hospitals need a “liquidity safeguard”. According to the plans of the Federal Ministry of Health, clinics in areas particularly hard hit by the pandemic should receive compensation payments if they forego interventions that can be postponed and thus keep beds free.

From the hospital society’s point of view, however, this concept is by no means sufficient. The new rescue package was “only a minimal improvement,” complained Gaß. Only 25 percent of the clinics would be covered. In spring, however, there was a rescue package that applied to all hospitals – “at that time there were only about half as many Covid-19 patients”.

According to the German Hospital Institute (DKI), two thirds of all clinic operators expect losses in the past year, as reported by the “Tagesspiegel”. Accordingly, only 18 percent of the almost 2,000 clinics with a total of 1.3 million employees rate their current economic situation as good.


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