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Aston Martin more heavily sanctioned than Red Bull Aston Martin

by archyde

Verdict of the saga of capped budgets: heavy fine and sanction for Aston Martin while Red Bull Racing is finally doing well!

The FIA’s financial experts have just published their conclusions (see document below) regarding compliance with the budget ceiling for the 2021 season.

As it had leaked recently, two teams were caught in the offense of overtaking: Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin F1.

However, it appears that the team of World Champion Max Verstappen had been found at fault on a basis including the engine development budget.

However, the freezing of the regulations in this area had not yet entered into force last year and Red Bull was able to argue to justify the investments made in order to set up its subsidiary Red Bull Powertrains.

The Milton Keynes team therefore only exceeded the 140 million cap by… 150,000 dollars (instead of the 12 million for which it was charged), which earned it a minor fine of 25,000 dollars.

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On the other hand, Aston Martin has spent 4 million more than the authorized ceiling and is fined 100,000 dollars as well as a very heavy double sanction: the withdrawal of 50 points from the constructors’ championship for 2021 and 2022, as well as a subtraction of 10% of the study time in the wind tunnel.

Seeing itself demoted to last place in the standings, the British team will also receive less prize money last year as at the end of this season, but it can still appeal.

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