AstraZeneca delivers 50% fewer vaccines to Europe in the second quarter

February 23, 2021


Europe will receive only 90 million doses of AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine in the second quarter, not the expected 180 million. The Reuters news agency reports this.

Reuters quotes a European official who wishes to remain anonymous. The source is involved in the negotiations between the British-Swedish pharmaceutical giant and the European Union. During internal discussions, AstraZeneca reportedly announced that Europe will receive only 90 million vaccine files in the second quarter.


Halving the AstraZeneca deliveries would also have consequences for the Belgian vaccination campaign. The government’s preliminary planning is for the months of April, May and June to deliver a total of 2.3 million vaccines. Almost half had already been planned for April. That number may now be halved.

The contract between the EU and AstraZeneca stipulates a delivery of 180 million doses for the second quarter. A spokesperson for AstraZeneca declined to confirm that it will only be half. “We are working very hard to boost the production capacity for our European deliveries,” said the spokesman. “We hope to quickly bring our deliveries in line with what was agreed.”

The European Commission also declines to comment. A spokesperson said that the EU will have “more than enough shots to meet its vaccination targets, if the other pharmaceutical companies do meet their targets, regardless of AstraZeneca’s deliveries.”

Furthermore, Reuters’ European source reports that AstraZeneca will deliver only 40 million doses to Europe in the first quarter, less than half of the 90 million foreseen.

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