Astronomers discover a giant ring of stars surrounding the center of the Milky Way…

German scientists have found in the center of the Milky Way a giant ring of young stars that surrounds the center of the galaxy. And that ring arose, according to scientists, 7 billion years ago.

This was reported by the press office of the German Max Planck Institute.

“We analyzed the results of our observations and compared them with observations made by the GAIA laboratory, which measures the orbits of more than 30,000 stars in the center of the Milky Way, which allowed us to discover a giant ring of relatively young stars that surrounds the central region of the galaxy,” said researcher at the institute, Chula Wiley. “.

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It is noteworthy that astronomers do not suspect today that the Milky Way is a large spiral galaxy. But they are unable to determine its exact dimensions, the components of its arms and how the stars are distributed inside it, because humanity cannot leave the borders of the Milky Way to look at it from outside it, as it casts it to neighboring galaxies, which prompts scientists to study the components of the Milky Way in indirect ways and in particular about By observing how the stars rotate around its center.

The information collected by scientists helped in discovering the giant black hole Sgr A*, as well as in determining the approximate formation of the galaxy’s arms and the so-called “connection”, as a dense cluster of stars in the middle of the Milky Way.

Analysis of that link showed that the Milky Way is surrounded by a giant ring of stars that differ from other stars in terms of their ages and properties. In particular, it can be said that most of them are younger, compared to other stars. As for its core, it contains a large amount of “astronomical metals” that are heavier than hydrogen and helium. Its large dimensions indicate that the center of the galaxy was absorbing matter from the intergalactic environment for a longer period than previously thought.

Source: TASS

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