astronomers discovered ‘Freak radio signals’ from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy

astronomers discovered Strange radio signals from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy

On October 16, the National Astronomical Research Institute Facebook page by Dr. Kitiyani Asanok – Expert Researcher Dr. Tiphon Tangmatitham – Astronomical Scholar, PDR posted a story about Astronomer from the University of Sydney Australia and a team of researchers discovered a strange radio signal from an object named ASKAP J173608.2−321635. It is located approximately 4° from the center of the Milky Way. The study was conducted through the ASKAP VAST (Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder Variables and Slow Transients) radio telescope network and the MeerKAT radio telescope of South Africa. The signal was inconsistent with any object ever discovered. And possibly that has never been discovered before as well.

The name J173608.2-321635 is named after the discovery of the ASKAP VAST radio telescope network, which was initially undetected. But later found that the signal intensity was higher and then faded. and return to high signal intensity again The research team was able to detect radio signals from such sources six times in January-September 2020. They are also trying to monitor other wavelengths, such as using infrared observation telescopes. visible to x-rays and using the Parkes radio telescope in Australia. But it can’t detect the signal.
Ultimately, it was decided to use a more sensitive telescope called the MeerKAT Radio Telescope Network in South Africa. can detect this strange signal But found that the behavior has changed dramatically. That is, the signal disappeared for days. even though it was detected that it appeared for a long time in succession Weeks from previous observations of ASKAP VAST cameras

This peculiar signal gives a very high polarization. Radio waves are normally generated by the oscillation of the magnetic field. which can oscillate in any orientation But the radio waves from this mysterious object are clearly directed in one direction. Indicates that the origin object Or the environment around the object producing this wave might have a very powerful magnetic field. They may correspond to objects such as neutron stars with powerful magnetic fields. However, these types of neutron stars are generally accompanied by emissions in the bright gamma or x-ray range. which was not found in this case

In addition, the signal has a signal intensity variation of up to 100 times and has a random on-off characteristic. The researchers initially assumed that these patterns were similar to pulsar formations. (Pulsars are dying stars. They are small, dense, and spins rapidly while emitting radio waves) or is a type of star that emit a very strong signal similar to the blaze of the solar wind however The results of the above inspection found that the signal really measurable It does not match the two types of objects that are assumed.

Although this research has not been able to answer or find an answer to that. What are the factors that cause strange radio signals from the center of our Milky Way Galaxy? but in the near future new technology development The SKA (Square Kilometre Array) radio telescope network may help to solve this mystery for astronomers to study in the future.

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