At 11, he finds a loophole in the lottery of a merchant site and buys an RTX 3090

In the midst of a shortage of components, an 11-year-old boy discovers a loophole in the lottery organized by Newegg and buys an RTX 3090 without going through the lottery.

Even if the shortage of graphics cards could end in the coming months, buying a high-end card is still extremely complicated. If some turn to the opportunity with the risk of ending up with one of the cards from China following the ban on Bitcoin mining on the territory, others find more original solutions to obtain the precious component.

Credit: Nvidia

As a general rule, when putting back into stock, the sites are taken by assault by the customers, but also the bots which seize most of the parts available to put them back on sale afterwards at exorbitant prices. The Newegg site has found a solution to this system. Much of the inventory is kept for full configuration assembly and the rest is made available through a draw. The winner therefore has the right to purchase the graphics card.

A flaw with full configurations

As the 11-year-old boy and his father got together entered several times in the lottery in order to win the right to purchase an RTX 3090, their attempts were unsuccessful. Undeterred, this young man persevered and sought a way to obtain the coveted object.

A “Compose your PC” function allows you to virtually assemble your complete machine on the merchant’s site and to select the various components. As part of a purchase of a complete PC, customers are exempt from the raffle and can proceed directly to their purchase.

Before being corrected, a flaw in this application allowed to prepare a complete configuration and then to remove it completely, apart from the graphics card. Thus, father and son were able to validate the direct purchase of the RTX 3090 that they have since received.

In an interview, the father announces that he had the idea of ​​taking advantage of the loophole to buy several cards, but changed his mind to leave the precious components for other buyers in his case. A reasonable decision which, if followed by everyone, might make it possible to get out of the crisis a little more quickly.

While there are signs that the situation is improving for graphics cards, Intel CEO thinks supply difficulties could last a few more years.

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