At 30, life after stroke

In our new episode of podcast Wait a minute !, we find our meeting “La Bulle”, and we are interested in life after a
Stroke, on the eve of World Stroke Information Day on October 29.

One Saturday morning, November 17, 2018, Margot Turcat’s life changed. The 33-year-old plastic arts teacher, mother of a young child, is the victim of a stroke. She is one of the 140,000 people a year who
have a stroke, or one every four minutes, according to Inserm, the public body dedicated to biological, medical and population health research. An absolute medical emergency, stroke is the leading cause of death in women. And this disease does not only affect the elderly: 10% are under 45 years old.

How do you recognize that you have a stroke?

Margot Turcat’s stroke is caused by a common congenital heart defect, a patent foramen ovale. This “FOP” is a small hole in the heart that has allowed a clot to pass to the brain. About 25 % of the world’s population live with PFO, most often asymptomatically. In the case of Margot Turcat, stroke occurs and she does not immediately realize the severity of her symptoms, just like the rescue. She then suffered brain damage.

Four months after the stroke, Margot Turcat took back her pencils and began to tell, in drawings, the accident, the long rehabilitation, the after-effects, the transformed daily life. She tells about a Instagram account, and publish today My little stroke of
Larousse editions (16.95 euros). In this comic, Margot Turcat tells about the stroke, the life after, the disorders which strike her, like her difficulties
speech or his
neuropathic pain. It also lifts the veil on taboos, the violence of society’s view of disability and hunts down preconceived ideas.

How do others look after the stroke?

How can you be struck by a stroke at 30? What are the symptoms of stroke? What are the consequences of Margot Turcat? How do you live with your disability? What place of relatives? These are questions from this exchange to listen to for free in the audio player above.

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