At a wedding ceremony held by Amr Diab.. Dina El-Sherbiny sings “Felt Mina”

03:44 PM

Monday 25 October 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

A number of social media pioneers shared a video clip of a wedding held by Amr Diab on the plateau in El Gouna.

During the ceremony, the artist Dina El-Sherbiny appeared singing her new song “Felt Minni”, which she recently presented with the artist Hassan Abu Al-Roos.

She also appeared dancing to the tunes of the song “Ya Anna Ya La” by Amr Diab, among a number of attendees.

A number of the audience commented on the video, and the comments were as follows: “They are in one area and they must meet,” “What do you want to cut your life for?” “Amr is very sophisticated in his dealings,” and other comments.

The song “Flatt Minni” is written by Hassan Abu Al-Roos and distributed by Digital Sound with Diesel, composed by Diesel, and a video clip filmed in El Gouna, during which Dina El-Sherbiny appeared in Bedouin clothes.

It is noteworthy that the last work of Dina El-Sherbiny is the movie “One Second”, which was shown in the cinema during the last period with the artist Mustafa Khater.


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