At Christmas, automatic cash machines bring supermarkets to life

Many supermarkets have kept their doors open on Wednesday, December 25. Customers do the last shopping before the family meal but go directly to the automatic pay stations. There are no cashiers employed on this day, a condition imposed by the courts. The only employees present are the security guards. "The challenge is to always be closer to customers who aspire to less and less constraints in their act of purchase", explains Hélène Jadot of the Casino group.

The choice to meet consumer demand using automatic cash-boxes raises some questions. Unions fear that the future of the cashier profession will be called into question. In 10 years, 10,000 jobs have been lost. "All these POS systems are robots. It is the robotization of trades", denounces Jean Pastor, union delegate CGT Casino. In China, large retailers are trying to go even further. Some stores offer customers to pay directly using a facial recognition system.

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