At least 15 dead and half a million displaced by fires in the US

The devastating fires that have burned much of the east coast of the United States do not come to an end, leaving at least 15 dead and half a million displaced who have had to leave their homes. The worst of all is that according to the authorities the victims will increase. Despite the firefighters working day and night since last Friday, the flames devour everything in their path and cannot control them due to the high temperatures and the intense dry winds.

Due to this, the destruction caused in the States of California, Oregon and Washington is still incalculable and there are areas that the emergency services have not even been able to enter. In California the majority of deaths are registered, where the fire this Friday became the largest in the history of the State, with 190,700 hectares in flames.

While in Oregon the situation is no less dramatic. “I want to be frank in saying that we expect to see a great loss … This could be the largest loss of human life and property due to wildfires in the history of our State,” said Governor Kate Brown.

There at least five towns were destroyed and some 500,000 residents were evacuated while the number continues to rise, according to authorities. Although firefighters fight, the fire is spreading rapidly over an area of ​​365,000 hectares.


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