At least 16 dead and 58 injured in a train accident in Bangladesh

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At least 16 people died and 58 were injured Tuesday in the collision of two passenger trains that were on the same road, in the district of Bhramanbaria, in western Bangladesh.

The accident occurred at approximately 3.00 hours (21.00 GMT Monday) when a train bound for Dhaka He crashed into another that was going to the port city of Chittagong, about 100 kilometers from the capital of Bangladesh, Police Chief Anisur Rahman told Efe.

"The train bound for Dhaka hit the Udayan Express, bound for Chittagong, in the rear, damaging four or five cars," he said.

According to the chief administrative officer of Kasba -the exact area where the accident happened-, Masudu Alam, in the rescue operations have recovered the bodies of 16 dead people, however, "the number can still increase."

The police chief, on the other hand, reported that the number of injured is 58 people, several of them seriously, who were taken to Bhramanbaria hospitals.

Most of the passengers were sleeping when the accident happened.

So far the authorities have not reported the causes of the crash or the reasons why both trains were on the same track.

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