At least 189 deaths from heavy monsoon rains in India and Nepal NOW

Heavy rainfall in the Indian state of Assam and neighboring Nepal has caused at least 189 casualties in recent weeks. It is feared that the floods and mudslides have caused even more victims; dozens of people in the affected area are still missing, local emergency services said on Sunday.

The heavy monsoon rains have caused a lot of flooding in recent weeks, including in the area around the river Brahmaputra, which flows through Assam. Because the river burst its banks, crops have been damaged and mudslides have been created. Millions of people had to leave their place of residence as a result.

So far, 79 people have died in Assam. “The situation remains critical now that the water level in most rivers is still dangerously high,” said the local water board.

In neighboring Nepal, the government has called on residents to remain alert, as more heavy rainfall is expected on Sunday. Since June, the monsoon rains have caused heavy mudslides and floods, which have killed 110 people so far. Another hundred people were injured. 48 people in the area are still missing.

During the annual rainy season in the northern Indian states and Nepal, mudslides and floods are more common. For example, in 2019 it cost “heaviest rainy season in 25 yearsover sixteen hundred people live in India.


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