At least 9 destroyed trucks leave arson attack in Carahue | National

At least 9 trucks destroyed The result was an arson attack that occurred on Monday night in the Carahue commune, La Araucanía region.

Specifically, the event took place in the Pancul Island sector, affecting machinery from Constructora Yelcho.

Said firm was carrying out maintenance work in interior roads of the commune, towards the Catripulli sector.

The company, a contractor for the Ministry of Public Works, maintained a machinery storage and parking center in the Isla Pancul sector.

In the place, volunteers from the Carahue Fire Department worked, who were escorted and guarded by police, to enable your flame control work.

Likewise, it was confirmed that the Minister of Public Works, Henry Leal, will arrive during the morning of this Tuesday at the site of the event.

The above, with the aim of verify in the field the magnitude of the damage caused by this new arson attack.


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