At least eight dead: devastating floods in Kentucky

Status: 07/29/2022 11:00 a.m

The US state of Kentucky is struggling with extreme rainfall and massive flooding. At least eight people have died so far – and authorities fear the number of victims will continue to rise.

At least eight people died in devastating floods in the US state of Kentucky. Given the extent of the floods, authorities fear the death toll could rise significantly. “We will lose double-digit numbers of lives,” Gov. Andy Beshear said. It is the worst flood disaster he has ever experienced in the southeastern state. “This is an ongoing natural disaster,” Beshear said on Twitter.

“Hundreds of people will lose their homes”

In order to be able to mobilize additional personnel and resources, the Democrat politician declared a state of emergency. He also used the National Guard to provide support. Kentucky was hit by heavy rain, with some areas falling about 20 centimeters within 24 hours. Streets turned into rivers, houses were inundated by the spongy brown waters. People saved themselves on their roofs or even on trees.

Four National Guard helicopters were deployed, and rescuers tried to help residents of the affected regions with inflatable boats. “Hundreds of people will lose their homes,” Beshear said. It would take many families “not months, but probably years” to recover from the effects of the disaster. In the USA, but also in many other countries, more extreme weather phenomena are currently being observed. According to experts, this is a consequence of man-made climate change.

At least eight dead in Kentucky floods

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Flash floods and landslides also hit the neighboring states of Virginia and West Virginia. According to NBC, there was a flood warning for around four million people in the area. In addition, according to data from the website, around 30,000 households in the three affected states were without electricity.

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