At Les Républicains, Xavier Bertrand wants to stay alone on the track for 2022

He is said to be incapable of “Bend the match” against his right-wing opponents, but Xavier Bertrand is holding on. Sure that his candidacy, announced for months, for the presidential election of 2022 will eventually win within his former political family, The Republicans (LR). The president of the Hauts-de-France region is due to speak on Thursday, September 30 during an interview with the television news of France 2. Will he take the opportunity to announce or not his participation in the congress organized by LR for to nominate his presidential candidate?

This congress, which should make it possible to decide between the contenders for the right in a ballot restricted to only LR members, will take place on 1is and December 4. Earlier, on October 6, an organizing committee headed by LR president Christian Jacob will be created to verify candidate sponsorships with each campaign team. And on October 13, the validity of each file will be examined. For now, Valérie Pécresse, the president of the Ile-de-France region, and Michel Barnier, the former Brexit negotiator for the European Union, have confirmed their participation. But Xavier Bertrand, who said he was hostile to an open primary – and therefore more favorable to a congress – maintains the ambiguity.

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“He plays neither yes nor no”, annoys someone close to Valérie Pécresse. “He’s got his thing. He doesn’t want competition ”, a parliamentarian also laments. Sure of his fate, the former insurance broker would be ready to submit to this congress if, and only if, the dubbing of his candidacy was only a formality. In other words, he hopes that by then Valérie Pécresse and Michel Barnier, who are following him in the polls, line up behind him. “Xavier Bertrand is the only one who can win, defends Pierre-Henri Dumont, deputy (LR) of Pas-de-Calais and support of the president of Hauts-de-France. Many parliamentarians know that December 4 is too late! In previous times, the right was the favorite in the presidential election. This is not the case, and this time there is Zemmour! “

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Form a “France team”

The irruption of the far-right polemicist, presumed candidate in the presidential race, arouses a mixed feeling of panic and urgency in the ranks of LR which the supporters of Xavier Bertrand intend to take advantage of. The latest Harris Interactive poll published Monday, September 28 grants Eric Zemmour 13% to 14% of voting intentions, behind the representative of the National Rally (RN), Marine Le Pen (16%). Xavier Bertrand would win 14% of the vote ahead of Valérie Pécresse (12%) and Michel Barnier (8%).

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