At Mondragone, Italians and Bulgarians clash against the backdrop of Covid-19

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An epidemic outbreak has been identified in the community of Bulgarian agricultural workers in Mondragone, a town north of Naples. Tensions subsequently emerged with Italian residents, and now politics are getting involved.

If globally the pandemic continues its slow decline in Italy (Saturday June 27, the authorities recorded only 8 deaths), isolated clusters continue to appear here and there in the Peninsula. Last week, all attention focused on one of them, located in Mondragone, a small coastal town north of Naples. Here we learn about regional daily life The morning, “44 people tested positive for Covid-19, including 42 Bulgarians”.

“A real urban guerrilla”

The latter are mainly agricultural workers who live in a group of occupied buildings, located in a district of the municipality. Last week, a cordon cordon was set up around these buildings, but on Thursday June 25, the attempt of some Bulgarians to get out of this “red mini-zone” set fire to powder in Mondragone, as tells The morning :

On the morning of June 25, Bulgarians took to the streets and crossed the sanitary cordon to ask for food and medicine. This


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