At Roissy airport, a gigantic project abandoned in the name of ecology

While it has just presented its “climate and resilience” bill, the government announced on Thursday the end of a project to extend Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport.


There will be no terminal 4 at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport. In “The world“On Thursday, the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili announced the end of this extension project, the work of which was originally due to begin this year. “The government asked [à Groupe] ADP to abandon its project and present it with a new one, more consistent with its objectives of combating climate change and protecting the environment, ”the Minister indicated on a daily basis.

According to the file of the preliminary consultation carried out in 2019, this terminal 4, which was to be fully operational in 2037, should have made it possible to accommodate between 35 and 40 million additional passengers each year. The project was gigantic: an area of ​​167 hectares, an announced cost between 7 and 9 billion euros. “In its operational phase, Terminal 4 could represent a potential of up to 50,000 new direct jobs and 225,000 new jobs supported (direct, indirect, induced, catalytic jobs linked to the development of tourism)”, affirmed Groupe ADP. in this same folder. “It is an obsolete project, which no longer corresponded to the environmental policy of the government and to the requirements of a rapidly changing sector”, explained Barbara Pompili to “Le Monde”.

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The CEO of Groupe ADP, Augustin de Romanet, indicates in a press release that “air transport must accelerate its energy transition”. “We must draw the consequences for our future projects. After the State’s decision to ask Groupe ADP to abandon the current Terminal 4 project as well as the presentation of a new development project for the Paris-Charles de Gaulle platform, Groupe ADP is hiring a time for reflection on the future challenges of the airport. The Parisian platforms aim to become leaders in green aviation, serving all our stakeholders, and in particular the areas bordering the airport ”, explains the CEO.

The abandonment of major projects, an element of presidential rhetoric

For environmentalists, Barbara Pompili’s announcement on Roissy is an undeniable victory, which does not prevent associations from fearing an “announcement effect”. In a press release released Thursday, a group of organizations opposed to Terminal 4 indicates that the “new project” mentioned by Groupe ADP raises questions. They demand “legal guarantees provided so that there is no increase in the reception capacities of Roissy, while the Government declares itself open to this possibility”.

Since 2017, the government has abandoned several major projects deemed harmful to the environment. After years of procrastination during the mandate of François Hollande, the construction of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport in Loire-Atlantique was thus canceled. The candidate Emmanuel Macron had yet held a speech totally opposed to this decision, a few months earlier. “If after all that has happened […], we say, “we bury it”, the message we send is basically “there is no longer any project that is possible in France” ”, he declared in February 2017. rhetoric that has disappeared from the president’s remarks. In an interview with Brut in December, Emmanuel Macron had taken advantage of several decisions putting an end to major projects : “We stopped projects that everyone left lying around and didn’t want to stop. Notre-Dame-des-Landes, the Golden Mountain, EuropaCity. Who stopped him? Who stopped him? So I have no lesson to learn! ”

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