“At the cost of their lives”, a signature of Ndeye Ngoné Ndour

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The book recounts the adventure of four young Senegalese who set out in search of El Dorado. It is a story where rebellion, humor, sadness, nostalgia, joy and regret mingle.

The novel “At the cost of their lives” tells the story of four friends, Thierno, Abdoulaye, Yoro and Souleymane who decide to leave their country Senegal to go and try their luck in Europe, driven by unemployment and social difficulties. To achieve their goals, they are forced to use canoes at the risk of losing their lives. Using means and games of hide and seek to organize their trip, the preparation of their trip must be done in secret. In this novel, these characters represent this African youth concerned about its future, who seeks the risk of getting lost, by fleeing the misery, the deplorable conditions of their country. “At the cost of their lives” is also the story of all those inner tears, broken relationships, and principles trampled upon just to exist. “At the cost of their lives” is also the harsh reality of the author’s unemployment, her experience as a young job seeker inspired her to write her first novel in which she evokes the precarious conditions which push some young people to take risks to improve their living conditions. . Ndèye Ngoné Ndour is of Senegalese nationality, a lawyer by training specializing in human rights and peace and also a gender specialist, she currently works in an international NGO that works for the protection of children where she is project coordinator. She graduated with a Masters and a Master II at the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences of the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar. “At the cost of their lives” is his first publication. The novel, available digitally, has 256 pages.

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