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Disgusted, after more than eight months of restrictions, Quebeckers need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And even if the Prime Minister seems to have forgotten it, his role should also be to talk to them about hope.

The Legault government offered Quebeckers on Thursday a “moral contract” for the holiday season. In summary, gatherings of ten people or less will be permitted for four days. You will need to isolate yourself before and after to minimize the risk of the virus spreading.

Nothing very encouraging. “It’s better than nothing,” said a good number of Quebeckers to themselves, suffering from acute nausea.

However, during his presentation, which lasted more than 20 minutes, the Prime Minister spent barely 20 seconds talking about this light at the end of the tunnel represented by the vaccination campaign.

So anticipated

Of this vaccine which will soon allow us to resume a more normal life, Mr. Legault should however speak more often. He could of course recall that, until then, caution remains in order.

But beyond the endless restrictions that we have heard excessively since March, this would allow him to recall their temporary nature. To remember that one day, life will come back. That we can stop being caught in this straitjacket and hug our loved ones again. Travel. Laugh with friends or family around a meal in complete serenity.

Eye of the storm

Having to ensure the safety of the population in this way, Mr. Legault and his team are facing a colossal and stressful task. It is quite possible that by being entangled in the eye of the storm, they have lost sight of this immense need for hope.

The Prime Minister must, however, ensure that this dose of hope is given pride of place when addressing Quebeckers. It goes from their membership until the distribution of this long-awaited vaccine.

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