at the office, the Stations of the Cross for the “placarded”

INVESTIGATION – These sidelined employees have the greatest difficulty in recovering, even when they eventually leave the company.

“The mayor had a wall erected, with a door and a lock, between my office and the rest of the town hall employees. It was like a prison. ” It is at the end of a long corridor, glued to the toilets and separated from the rest of the company, that Nadine * has lived six years of her professional life as a scum, excluded from every decision-making and all these informal conversations. which are the spice of an office life. Like this 60-year-old, many employees are thus put aside in the office, without a mission because they are considered too old, not efficient enough or not in phase with management, who sometimes prefers to let the situation become encysted than to manage these particular cases. With the health crisis and the generalization of teleworking, the situation of these “placardés” has worsened even more.

If Nadine has been relegated to the depths of her office, it is above all because of political disagreements. Official in a town hall in south-eastern France since 1986, it saw, at the beginning of the years

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