At the Quai d’Orsay, outcry against the reform of the senior civil service

With the disappearance of the ENA, diplomats will now come from an interministerial pool of civil servants.

There will no longer be a body dedicated to diplomacy. This is the second blow dealt to diplomats by the Elysee since the arrival of Emmanuel Macron. The first, unchecked in August 2019 during the conference of ambassadors, has still not been digested at the Quai d’Orsay. The president had called diplomats to order in a direct and dry manner, denouncing the“Deep state” which according to him would have tried to slow down his warming policy with Russia. Emmanuel Macron had also asked the ambassadors, whom he willingly places in the “old world”, to show “More daring”, claiming that “Habits and dogmas” on which French diplomacy relied for decades were no longer valid in an attempt to rebuild a new order.

The second caused an even greater stir. He endorses the “Extinguishing” bodies which are the breeding ground for ambassadors, foreign affairs advisers and ministers plenipotentiary, from 2023. Concretely,

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