At the World Cup in Egypt – despite a cold start: Swiss handball players defeat Austria – Sport

  • The handball national team wins the opening game at the World Cup in Egypt against Austria with 28:25 (13:13).
  • The win is important in terms of progress, as the other opponents in Swiss Group E are Norway and France.
  • The Swiss who moved up into the field at short notice only landed in Giza around 4 hours before the start of the game.

The Swiss handball national team fled the big snow on Thursday morning. The pleasant temperatures in the Egyptian town of Giza could not hide the fact that the start of the World Cup adventure was a cold start for the Swiss who moved up into the field at short notice. The game against Austria started just a few hours after landing.

After a close affair in the first half, the Swiss managed to break away decisively thanks to an intermediate sprint shortly after the break. The Austrians never came closer than 3 goals difference.

A trio shines with the Swiss

At the beginning, the team of national team coach Michael Suter was in reserve with 0: 3 – a cold start. After the 4: 4 equalization after 9 minutes, the Swiss never let their opponents pull away by more than one goal difference. Goalkeeper Nikola Portner left his place after 22 minutes to Aurel Bringolf, who shone with a “Big Save” shortly before the break and also convinced afterwards.


Together they were responsible for 13 goals

Lenny Rubin (left) and Andy Schmid.


The Swiss made the difference after the break when they turned a 13:13 into a 15:13 and a little later an 18:14. Andy Schmid was not only the focal point, but also the best thrower of his team with 7 hits. Lenny Rubin scored 6 goals like right wing Cédrie Tynowski.

Switzerland targets the main round

The 28:25 win against Austria in the opening match is groundbreaking for Switzerland. The next two opponents – Norway on Saturday and France on Monday – are completely different calibers than the Austrians were. Because the first 3 teams in each group reach the main round, victory could be the decisive factor.

The handball national team only found out on Tuesday evening that they were moving into the World Cup field. After the Czech Republic, the USA had to declare forfait due to corona cases, which is why the Swiss came to kiss the hand and make their first World Cup appearance in almost 26 years.

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