At this time, candidate Kim Dong-yeon’s situation room… Expectations amidst embarrassment

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Let’s go to the election situation room of the Democratic Party’s candidate Kim Dong-yeon.

Reporter Yoon-soo Park, looking at the results of the exit investigation now, it turns out that he and Kim Eun-hye are in a very close relationship.

How’s the atmosphere in the election situation room there?

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Yes, officials of Democratic Party candidate Kim Dong-yeon, who were expecting victory, cannot hide their bewilderment.

In particular, when the results of the exit survey of close combat within the margin of error were announced, there were sighs from all over the control room.

Jo Jung-sik, Ahn Min-seok, and Yeom Tae-young, who served as the permanent election chairman of the Kim candidate camp, watched the exit poll results and now they have moved their seats.

Candidate Dong-yeon Kim is also said to have confirmed the results of the exit investigation at his home, and when the outline of the party is revealed to some extent, he will come out to the situation room and announce his position.

Camp officials are in a position to watch the situation calmly as it is a contention situation within the margin of error.

It is expected that the final voting result may be different after a close battle.

Gyeonggi-do drew attention as it was called ‘Lee Shim’ and ‘Yoon Shim’, the ‘second round of the presidential election’.

As it was the political foundation of Lee Jae-myung, and as it was the place where he won the last presidential election, the Democratic Party took the position that Gyeonggi-do could not be given as much.

Candidate Dong-yeon Kim, who served as the first deputy prime minister of the Moon Jae-in government, appealed for support during the election campaign by stating the ‘competent worker theory’.

Today on SNS, he encouraged supporters to participate in voting, saying, “Your vote, one vote is so desperately needed.

As Candidate Kim said, the exit poll results are very close, so it seems that the final winner will have to check the counting situation a little more to find out.

So far, this is MBC News’ Park Yoon-soo from the Kim Dong-yeon candidate election situation room.

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