At TVA next winter: meet at the “Hotel”

Things will brew in the “Hotel” that TVA will broadcast next winter. The new annual series will feature power wars, love triangles and backstage shenanigans.

The original production will focus on the personal and professional fate of Victoria Dumont (Nathalie Coupal), owner of the Hotel Dumont who chooses to entrust the post of general manager of the premises to Sarah (Marie-Evelyne Lessard), Jenny’s best friend. , his recently deceased daughter. This decision will anger his son Guillaume (Emmanuel Schwartz) – and also Jenny’s twin – who will embark on a sabotage mission.

«[…] “Hotel” is the illusion of the perfect life in a place where dreams are sold, it is the clash between contradictory feelings, but above all it is stories built on universal human emotions ”, summarizes in a press release Sophie Deschênes, producer at Sovimage who collaborates with Quebecor Content.

Four women and a man

The series will be signed by four authors: Nathalie Bourdelais, Rachel Cardillo, Marie-Frédérique Laberge-Milot and Annie Langlois. Their texts will be pictured by Éric Tessier, who shot “Fugueuse”, “Pour Sarah” and “O ‘” for television.

In addition to the three headliners, the cast of “Hotel” will include Patrice Bélanger, Jeff Boudreault, Gabrielle Fontaine and Ève Lemieux.

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