At work, the health of employees closely monitored

“The development of such tools is not without raising questions, if only at the level of employee buy-in. (An employee tests the temperature of another employee at PSA Peugeot, April 17, in Slovakia.) Radovan Stoklasa / REUTERS

Benefit from an adapted work protocol (…) from an individual assessment of its sensitivity to Covid-19 : In these pandemic times, the promise of the Copass application has something to attract employers who have to manage the return to the fold of their employees.

Launched jointly by Crédit Agricole and the company Onepoint, this solution proposes to determine the level of risk of each employee based on a health questionnaire designed with public health authorities.

Based on its responses, the application delivers a QR code, the color of which determines a work protocol defined by the company: telework, return to site on an alternating schedule, orientation to a screening test, etc.

Temperature measurement

Following the example of the Copass application, several projects aiming to identify people potentially carrying the virus are under way. There is, of course, the painstaking development of the StopCovid application. But private players are also developing their own tools. The PWC audit firm offers its customers a tracking solution to identify employees with whom an infected employee has been in contact.

For the moment, this solution is not offered in France. In Italy, Ferrari has restarted its production by offering its employees to pass health tests. Other technologies measure people’s body temperatures in real time. The Procedo group markets thermal imaging cameras and self-checking terminals to detect possible suspicious cases.

By mid-May, the group had already installed just over one hundred and eighty of these devices at the entrance of businesses, businesses and administrations. We are sailing through the maze of law, recognizes Clément Vuibert, the group’s associate commercial director. The employer is obliged to protect his employees, at the same time, he must not discriminate on health grounds. “

These tools are of interest to certain companies, since all of them are required to protect their employees in the face of the health crisis. According to a survey by the national association of HRDs (Andrh), published on April 30, carried out with 5,000 companies, 37% of the 531 human resources managers who answered said they were in favor of taking temperature at entry premises and 33% to the implementation of a StopCovid-type tracking application in the company.

Employee membership

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