Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy announced for PS5 in enchanting new trailer

It is this Saturday that Koei Tecmo has decided to position itself by broadcasting a first big live for the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online, in which Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy first took the limelight. An original trailer was obviously released there, with the announcement of the role-playing game on PlayStation 5 in addition to PS4, Switch and PC!

In this new adventure, Ryza and his companions will explore the five ruins surrounding the royal capital Ashra-am Baird and will have to solve puzzles to progress and reveal the origins of the kingdom, in particular by using everyone’s skills wisely, including the ability to ride monsters and theEmerald Band used to swing to overcome obstacles. The Journal d’exploration of the heroine will list the discoveries made to help us and establish our own theories, while fragments of ruin and memory will be collected as you go, used to unlock clues. A Remembrance compass It will awaken the memories of the ruins to precisely find these objects more easily. And since it’s still a game Atelier, solving these mysteries will unlock special alchemical recipes to give back Ryza more powerful, in addition to its skill tree.

The synthesis system of the previous episode has evolved to more simply create everything we need, adding a function ofEssence to change the item’s item during the process. On top of that, theEvolution Link will be used to combine two creations for potentially extraordinary results. And since we were talking about the companions above, several characters have also been introduced in recent weeks:

  • Patricia Abelheim (voiced by Naomi Ohzora)

The daughter of a wealthy man from the royal capital nicknamed Patty. As Tao’s student, who acts as his tutor, the two have a close relationship. Although she has grown up comfortably and in happy circumstances, she has mixed feelings in her heart about her situation. She learned the basics of the sword from her father, a former knight.

  • Clifford Diswell (voiced by Eiji Takemoto)

A young man who calls himself a treasure hunter. He actually falls more into the category of thieves and is no stranger to crime. He’s good at a variety of things, and his over-the-top mannerism makes him stand out, but he’s actually diligent and sincere deep inside.

Atelier Ryza 2 47 26 09 2020

  • Volker Abelheim (voiced by Tarusuke Shingaki)

Patricia’s father. Although born a commoner, he made a name for himself as the Kingdom’s main knight and became a nobleman. In this capacity, both by name and by practice, he has the relentless discipline that is expected of him. And she is fully exposed in the training of her daughter.

  • Slow Marslink (voiced by Takuma Terashima)

“Sorry to say that, but leave me alone.” “

A wandering warrior on a journey to improve his sword skills. Childhood friend of Ryza, Tao and Bos. Three years ago, he left Kurken Island on a journey to learn combat skills. Whether or not this was the result of something that happened in the middle of his journey, his once cheerful demeanor has worn off and he now looks hardened. When he passes through the royal capital, he meets Ryza and his friends, who invite him to join them on another adventure, but …

Atelier Ryza 2 49 26 09 2020 Atelier Ryza 2 50 26 09 2020

Otherwise, Koei Tecmo announced the game’s theme song, Somewhen, Somewhere…, performed by the trio Clammbon and present in the trailer of the day. You can find an excerpt from the soundtrack on page 2 with two short videos of gameplay, while about ten minutes of play is visible below. Many visuals are finally available on page 3, whose models of the characters in their outfits Summer Fashion, already announced.

Atelier Ryza 2 64 26 09 2020 Atelier Ryza 2 63 26 09 2020

The gameplay sequence is located from 32:14 to 44:38

The release date ofAtelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy is therefore set for December 3, 2020 in Japan on PS5, PS4 and Switch, then in January 2021 on Steam. The western release is just scheduled for this winter, without further details. Owners of a PS4 version will also be able to switch to the next-gen no additional cost. You can already pre-order your copy on Amazon at a price of € 59.99.

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