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Last updated: October 15, 2021

Well-known professional athletes swear by Athletic Greens, but more and more people who want to optimize their diet are also enthusiastic about the AG1 superfood powder. We took a close look at the product and revealed how you can benefit from a free promotion when ordering and save up to 605 euros a year.

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“For me, Athletic Greens is not a dietary supplement, it is simply the most nutritious food there is”says Sebastian Kienle. The exceptional triathlete broke several records and crowned his career by winning the Ironman Hawaii 2014. Other world-famous athletes, for example Formula 1 drivers and racing cyclists, are investing in Athletic Greens. Of course, that makes you curious. What is contained in AG1, how does the powder dissolved in water work, which promises a complete supply of nutrients? Is the hype justified? We have the answers.

What is AG1 from Athletic Greens?

How do I eat healthy? How can I optimize my diet? These and similar questions are asked not only by ambitious athletes, but also by many people who, despite or perhaps because of their stressful everyday life, attach great importance to their health. The search for answers is complicated – unsurprisingly, after all, the human body and its needs are a science in themselves. In the course of this, dietary supplements in the form of pills and capsules made a triumphant advance.

The company Athletic Greens and its product AG1 stand out in the highly competitive market. No wonder – although the perfect, balanced diet is an ideal that can hardly be achieved, AG1 helps to achieve precisely this goal. When taken daily, it fills all nutrient gaps with its 75 ingredients and makes almost all other supplements superfluous.

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What is the difference between Athletic Greens and conventional nutritional supplements?

Dietary supplements focus on one construction site when it comes to nutrients. If the vitamin requirement is not met through food, for example, supplements compensate for the deficiency. If you are lacking in minerals, appropriate preparations are the means of choice. By using different food supplements at the same time, there is a risk that they will cancel each other out in their interaction.

AG1, on the other hand, provides the body with everything it needs for optimal performance. In practice, this means in concrete terms: Simply dissolve a portion of AG1 in water in the morning and drink it. Because it is mixed with water, the body can metabolize AG1 more efficiently than is the case with capsules and the like. The composition of a portion is coordinated and balanced on the basis of long research and current scientific knowledge. Proof of Athletic Greens’ ambition to offer the best possible product: The experts behind the brand have been improving AG1 powder for 10 years. In the meantime you have reached the 52nd version.

With this free promotion, Athletic Greens attracts new customers

Such a potent product has its price. In order to make AG1 more palatable, new customers receive many free articles for the Athletic Greens subscription. If you opt for the single subscription, you will receive 30 AG1 servings per month by post. Cost point: Normally, this costs 107 euros, but you currently save 20 euros per month. The double subscription for 2 people costs only 167 instead of 214 euros. Regardless of whether you are single or double: As a welcome bonus for a short time, you will also receive a stylish stainless steel box for storage, a shaker, an annual supply of vitamin D3 + K2 and 5 practical travel packs free of charge. Another advantage: the 60-day money-back guarantee.

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What exactly is contained in AG1 and what do the ingredients do?

If you are supposed to consume something daily, you logically want to know what is in it. AG1 contains 75 essential vitamins, minerals and other ingredients from wholesome and natural foods. The superfood formula of antioxidants, living cultures, plant extracts and herbs as well as enzymes and mushroom complexes make up the broad spectrum of AG1, which helps to promote a healthy lifestyle. You can find out what that means in detail here:

  • More energy, mental clarity, better ability to concentrate: The vitamin B complex contained in AG1, consisting of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12, ensures a high-energy metabolism and has a positive effect on body and mind.
  • Support of the immune system: Vitamins, minerals, zinc and selenium can strengthen the immune system. Manganese, in turn, is helpful for the formation of connective tissue.
  • Digestion & Gut Health: In order to protect cells from oxidative stress and to optimize the metabolism, vitamins C, B6 and zinc must not be missing in AG1. The stabilization of the cholesterol level and the reduction of the blood sugar level benefit from pectins and alpha-lipoic acid. Calcium helps the digestive enzymes.
  • Regeneration & Stressabbau: Whether metabolism, psyche, nervous system, blood pressure or cell division – the natural recovery processes are adequately supported by magnesium, vitamin B6, potassium and zinc in AG1. Vitamin B5 helps with tiredness and brings electrolytes into balance.
  • Nails, hair and skin: Is the hair lacking shine, is the nails brittle and the skin pale? Zinc, biotin and selenium are the trio in AG1 that is there for you.
  • Aging process: Bones and teeth need calcium to stay healthy. Magnesium and zinc are active in the process of cell division, choline in the homocysteine ​​metabolism. The latter also contributes to the normal functioning of the liver.
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The complete package from AG1 is quite impressive and lives up to the promise of a complete supply of nutrients. But what is in the product is also important, especially for people with celiac disease or allergy sufferers not is included:

  • Gluten
  • Owner
  • GVO
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • artificial colors
  • Preservatives
  • added sugar
  • nuts
  • milk

Sustainability is a top priority at Athletic Greens

At Athletic Greens, transparency is not only a top priority with regard to the ingredients of AG1. The company has committed itself to minimizing its ecological footprint in the future and is working together with the independent non-profit organization Be Climate Neutral. Athletic Greens has also joined the How2Recycle® program. As the name suggests, everything revolves around recycling. The goal: to increase the proportion of recyclable packaging materials. Fortunately, the company is therefore aware of its responsibility.

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