Atlanta, Indiana … Bogdan Bogdanovic’s future is still up in the air

In days we have gone from seeing the future of Bogdan Bogdanovic resolved to becoming a real soap opera. On November 17, first thing in the morning – it would be 07:00 in the morning – we woke up in Spain with the feeling that the Milwaukee Bucks had taken a giant step to go for the ring in 2021 and, of course, to retain to Giannis Antetokounmpo. With a stroke of the pen, the Wisconsin men had seized Jrue Holiday and Bogdan Bogdanovic, two pieces that placed them as the big winner of this exceptional November market even before free agency opened. Their joy did not last long.

48 hours after the big announcement we knew so much about Sacramento Bee as by Sam Amick’s The Athletic that the Belgrade player was walking away from the deal with the idea of ​​testing his various options in free agency. It sounded weird. A deal closed by a player of such caliber is unlikely to fall apart. Everything began to square as the shadow of the tampering he was girding on Bucks and Kings.

Bogdanovic, from Serbia, had at no time been aware of an operation that began to collapse like a house of cards. The NBA opened an investigation for tampering and those of Milwaukee chose to back down to avoid greater evils (sanctions). Outcome? The Bucks don’t have the player they wanted, and he still has his future up in the air. What team will he end up with? Let’s go.

As reported by James Ham of NBC SportsAt the moment the teams on the front line to get the guard services would be the Indiana Pacers and the Atlanta Hawks; Of course, the mechanism by which they would get their signature is different in both cases.

Those of Indianapolis would try to get the Serbian with the same formula with which they tried to sign Gordon Hayward, who has finally finished in Charlotte Hornets. The idea of ​​the Pacers management would be to close a sign-and-trade, although it is unknown what pieces they would put on the negotiating table. In Hayward’s case, they opted to offer a package that featured Myles Turner as the main piece, and to which they were open to adding Doug McDermott. This time the components could vary depending on the contract agreed with Bogdanovic.

Atlanta, aggressive in the market

Before draft night came, we warned that the Atlanta Hawks had abandoned the plan to accumulate talent for players to help them win now. They are fulfilling it. In a few days they have done with Danilo Gallinari, Tony Snell, Kris Dunn and with Rajon Rondo. The project is exciting. They have young men of enormous value like Trae Young or John Collins, and they have already added a winner like Rondo and a forward of the caliber of Gallinari. If Bogdan Bogdanovic came along, we could almost speak of a real madness in Georgia – and not for presidential elections.

As we mentioned, the idea of ​​the Hawks would be different from that of Indiana, since they would want to get Bogdanovic by signing him as a free agent. Atlanta is in a position to sign him to a four-year, $ 72 million contract in the style of the one he was supposed to have in Milwaukee. The shooting guard European could welcome this offer. The point is that the position of the Kings is not clear, who would always have the option to match the offer and retain him.

A safe bet

That the Bucks want him, that Atlanta and Indiana are willing to make a great effort, that the Lakers dream of him … None of this is coincidence. Bogdanovic has earned such status through great performances in the California capital. In the last season, 2020-21, he has averaged 15.1 points, 3.4 rebounds and 3.4 assists in 29 minutes per night, numbers to which he adds 37.2 percent in triples. It could simply fit into any outfit and be an essential piece of it. The doors are open. You have to wait to see which one ends up crossing.

(Photograph by Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

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