Atlanta: late for season 3?

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Actress Zazie Beetz talks about a shoot planned for next spring.

We know that Donald Glover is a very busy man. The creator and main actor ofAtlanta takes his time, between two seasons. And season 3 could thus be delayed for a long time. Eight months after the release of season 2, the sequel is far from in sight.

“Ideally we should be filming now … But we are not“, comments the actress Zazie Beetz at IndieWire. “Everyone has crowded schedules. They hope we can shoot in the spring, but we don’t have a date yet “.

“Everyone is busy”, she resumes, ” et Donald [Glover] did their musical tour in the fall, which doesn’t leave much time for script writing. I know they have finished two or three episodes. But I have no real information. “

Clearly, we should not see season 3 ofAtlanta on our screens before 2020.



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