Atlanta mayor worries all-star game

Usually, the coming of the All-Star Game is a big party for a city. Some have been waiting for years to welcome it, and it brings a big boost to the local economy, whether in the hotel industry, restaurants or simply tourism. Except that this year is not like the others, and after postponing the All-Star Game in Indianapolis, the NBA has finally chosen, for logistical reasons, to organize it in Atlanta.

We knew that superstars were not excited by the idea, but we also learn that the mayor of Atlanta is very concerned about the idea of ​​hosting the event on March 7.

“Under normal circumstances, we would have been extremely grateful to have the opportunity to host the All-Star Game, but it’s not a year like any other.” Explain in a press release Keisha Lance Bottoms. “I shared my health concerns with the NBA and the Hawks. We have an agreement that this is just a TV event, and people shouldn’t come to Atlanta to party. “

Even if it’s not the Super Bowl, the chosen one fears that fans will go there and she therefore asks that no evening be organized in connection with the All-Star Game. “There will be no events open to the public, and we strongly encourage clubs, promoters, bars etc not to host any events in town in connection with this game. “

As for the NBA, it is recalled that no tickets will be put on sale, and that only relatives of the players will be able to attend the match, but also healthcare personnel vaccinated against Covid-19.

The NBA also confirms that no entertainment related to the game will take place in town, and it has also reminded players that they will be prohibited from leaving their hotel, except to go to the hall to participate in the game and competitions.

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