Atlanta Medical (aka The Resident) – The series on ProSieben

Atlanta Medical (aka The Resident) – The series on ProSieben

Forget everything you think you know about medicine, because the new series “Atlanta Medical” (original US title: The Resident) shows you a new, different perspective on the dramas that take place every day in US hospitals. Here medicine is not just a calling, it is also a business.

Atlanta Medical Season 2

The outstanding episodes of the second season “Atlanta Medical” start on May 6th. The first part of the second season “Atlanta Medical” was broadcast every Wednesday on ProSieben from September 18, 2019.

Germany’s season 1 series on ProSieben started on October 24, 2018.

Action & Characters in “Atlanta Medical”

The young and brilliant doctor Dr. Conrad Hawkins takes newcomer Dr. Devon Pravesh under his wing. Like ours, he opens Devons’ eyes to what medicine really is: a business like any other.

Devon realizes that everyday life at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital is very different from anything he learned at university and imagined in his imagination. There is no black and white here, moral boundaries blur and the life that he has just saved through a courageous intervention turns out to be eternal martyrdom for the patient.

Actor: This is the star cast of Atlanta Medical

Matt Czuchry already shone in Gilmore Girls as Logan Huntzberger. Now he takes on the leading role of Dr. in “Atlanta Medical” Conrad Hawkins. And Conrad’s opponent is also well-known. Actor Bruce Greenwood not only starred in Rambo I, but also played Captain / Admiral Christopher Pike, Captain Kirk’s mentor, in two “Star Trek” films.

Conrad’s love interest is no stranger either. Sister Nicolette “Nic” Nevin is portrayed by Emily VanCamp. The Canadian is not only successful on TV as Emily Thorne in the hit series “Revenge”, but was also seen in two parts of the “Avengers” series as Sharon Carter alias Agent 13 in the cinema. Here you can find out more about the cast of the “Atlanta Medical” series.

Episode guide

Pictures, broadcast times, short content or the latest videos: You can find all important information about the episodes of “Atlanta Medical” in the episode guide to the series on Just click through the seasons and episodes of the series.

Atlanta Medical Stream – watch the series online

All episodes “Atlanta Medical” can be seen on for free in German. Follow the TV broadcast live in the stream or watch all the full episodes up to 30 days after TV broadcast online, on or in the ProSieben mobile phone or SmartTV app. Of course free of charge and completely legal.


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