Atlanta Season 4: The latest information on the return of the OCS series

This American television series was created by Donald Glover better known as Childish Gambinoa very fashionable rapper and actor who signs his first series here.
Atlanta appeared on the American channel FX on September 6, 2016. The success of this comedy-drama quickly made the rounds on social networks and the series was not long in arriving in Europe. It is also broadcast in France on the streaming platform OCS since May 5, 2017.
The first season counts ten episodes, the success is very fast, the newspaper Release compares the series to other audiovisual works such as Bugged, Twin Peaks et Louie.
On September 20, 2016, the American channel FX announced that the series would return for a season 2 which will be broadcast on March 1, 2018. Three months later, the series was again renewed for a season 3 broadcast on 24 mars 2022.
A season 4 is also planned since an announcement from FX dated August 6, 2019. Seasons 3 and 4 were shot simultaneously but suffered a lot of delay due to the pandemic.
Atlanta has been very successful and will receive a twenty awards at events such as Golden Globes where the People’s Choice Awards.

For the moment no image of season 4 is available, we will have to wait for the production to decide to share some information via social networks. Here’s the Season 3 trailer to get you back in the mood:

A series that mixes humor and drama

Atlanta tells the story of two cousins ​​who share the rap scene in the city of Atlanta. We find Earn (interpreted by Donald Glover), a gifted student who one day decides to leave his studies at the prestigious University of Princeton to sell credit cards at an airport. Ready to do anything to meet the needs of his family, he will embark on an adventure: to become the manager ofAlfredhis cousin (played by American actor Brian Tyree Henry).
Alfred, working under the pseudonym of Paper Boi is a rising hip-hop star in Atlanta. He leads a peaceful life with his best friend Darius whom he lodges with him.

Earn who must feed lotie his daughter and Vanessa his girlfriend, completely broke, he will do everything to convince his cousin to let him become her manager. Season 1 sets us the scene of Earn’s life, a life that boils down to galleys one after the other. When Paper Boi agrees to become his protege, things will escalate.
In season 2, the two cousins ​​will try to sell their project to several labels.

Earn and Lottie, two misunderstood geniuses

At the end of season 2, Earn learns that his daughter has inherited the same mental abilities as him. So that she can capitalize on her skills, her teacher advises Earn to enroll her in a large private school, which is very expensive.

In Season 3, success begins to come. Earn, Alfred et Darius go on tour in Europe and will live tormented adventures. The couple of Earn and Vanessa will go through a few episodes of complications but will remain united throughout the season.

A season 4 soon on our screens!

Following the success of the last three seasons of Atlanta, FX was quick to announce that a season 4 was planned. Unfortunately for the fans, she will also be the last and will only have eight episodes unlike the other three which contained 10 or 11. No precise date has been revealed but FX has scheduled its broadcast for the second half of 2022.

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