Atlas: Rafa Puente apologizes for the last time with the press

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Abigail Parra

Aztec stadium / 02.15.2020 23:53:10


Before dozens of reporters, Rafa Puente Jr., offered the traditional press conference at the end of the comparison between Atlas and America, in which his team fell 0-2 despite the bad game of the bluecreams. The coach of the Tapatios began the round of four questions with one last apology.

I do it for the last time, to any of my former colleagues who have been offended by my statements, from the heart an apology“, said.

This after midweek He said that without problems he could be a television commentator again and live without pressure and in a comfort zone. These words bothered the sports journalism guild, as the strategist referred to the profession without clarifying that he has been only a commentator.



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