Atlético does not want cup miracles against Cinderella Cardassar

The Copa del Rey 2020-21 begins to write its first stories of cinderellas turned into princesses for one night with the Atlético de Madrid’s visit to the modest Cardassar, a recently promoted to Third who last season did not even play in the national category. The small Balearic club reaches the peak of its history just a couple of years after that dramatic flood that swept the Mallorcan town de Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, taking the lives of up to 13 people, four of them in the municipality, with just over 8,000 inhabitants.

The water also devastated the humble facilities of the club, which in a kind of poetic justice is now rewarded for its effort to move forward after the tragedy with the visit of a Spanish soccer giant. For this it was necessary an epic resolution of the previous eliminatory in penalties against the Aragonese Épila. A whole fairy tale, of which Atlético wants to be the protagonist but not a victim by surprise. Cholo Simeone’s pupils know well how he spends them KO tournament with the greats. The Copa del Rey receives that nickname for something, which last year gave the rojiblancos a good tumble at the hands of the Cultural Leonesa, a modest but yes, much less than the Cardassar.

In the Kingdom of León, Atlético left their dream of the eleventh Cup in their history to the first exchange, in a round of sixteenths to which they agreed directly because they were classified for the Spanish Super Cup as runner-up in the 2018 League -19. You will now have to put on your overalls from the beginning, starting at It’s Moleter, the fiefdom of the Cardassar, where by that of the capacity limitationsOnly a privileged few will see their local team face a great from Europe.

“We faced the game last season with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, it was not a good game and the rival at that time was superior, despite the fact that we had goal situations to win the game. This competition, which is now a single match, marks you the cruel reality of forcefulness, “he recalled. Simeone in the run-up to the duel, as a warning in case any of his players have managed to forget last season’s cupbearer KO.

The Ivo Grbic, who would debut as a mattress goalkeeper; Vrsaljko, who would return after injury; Vitolo, before another opportunity to vindicate himself; Saponjic, hitherto unpublished in the season; or the homegrown players Manu Sánchez or Camello, accompanied by other more habitual ones, seem more than capable of avoiding a disaster that would be of biblical proportions, but it is already known that faith and illusion move mountains.

– Probable lineups:


Ángel Sánchez, Adrián Hernández, Coll, Febrer, Jaume Fernández, Jordi Ramis, Rosselló, Javier López, Llull, Bona and Julve.


Grbic, Vrsaljko, Felipe, Hermoso, Manu Sánchez, Vitolo, Kondogbia, Torreira, Lemar, Correa and Saponjic.


Jorge Figueroa Vázquez (Andalusian Committee).


It’s Moleter.

Time and TV:

19:00 hours. Four.


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