Atletico Madrid beat Cádiz 4-2 SUMMARY Santander League GOALS Luis Suárez Spain Santander League

Atletico Madrid He played at a great level and had no problem beating 4-2 at Cádiz by date 21 of the Santander League. Luis Suárez was the figure when he scored two goals.

From the first minute, those of ‘Cholo’ Simeone went with everything for the victory and brought constant danger to the Ledesma goal. Before half an hour of play, Luis Suarez it opened the way to triumph.

However, Cádiz tied it through Negredo. Although it seemed that they were going to rest with the same score, this did not happen. Saúl diverted a center to put the Atlético de Madrid.

Starting the second half, Luis Suarez well executed a penalty kick so that the Atlético de Madrid stretch your lead. Negredo suspended the meeting by discounting.

But when the local was decided to go for the tie, Correa sent with a good personal action so that Koke only had to push the ball and sentence the story.

In this way, Atlético de Madrid beat 4-2 at Cádiz and not only did he add 50 points, but he also took 10 away from Real Madrid, a team that is his closest pursuer.

Atlético de Madrid vs Cádiz LIVE on ESPN: LaLiga

Both teams want victory.

Atlético de Madrid vs Cádiz SEE ESPN LIVE: minute by minute


– 90 ‘+ 4 End of the game!

– 90 ‘We are going to play four more minutes.

– 87 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF ATLÉTICO DE MADRID! Great move by Correa so that Koke only has to push the ball to the back of the net.

– 84 ‘Foul by Kondogbia and there is a dangerous free kick for Cádiz.

– 83 ‘Saúl and Luis Suárez left on the visit. Kondogbia and Herrera entered.

– 77 ‘Great arrival of the local and Oblak showed off to avoid the fall of his fence.

– 73 ‘Yellow for Vrsaljko.

– 73 ‘Gil Manzano shows the yellow card to Sime Vrsaljko for a stomp on Alberto Perea.

– 71 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF CÁDIZ! Negredo hit him bitten, but managed to score and the local dreams of reaching parity.

– 65 ‘Álvaro Cervera makes his debut for Ivan Saponjic. Anthony ‘Choco’ Lozano leaves

– 64 ‘Ivan Saponjic will make his debut as a Cádiz player. The Serbian receives instructions from the coaching staff before entering the field of play.

– 63 ‘What a move by Atlético de Madrid! In the front of the area, Luis Suárez culminates with a shot that leaves a great choral play.

– 60 ‘Double change in the ranks of Atlético de Madrid. Simeone reserves Joao Félix, with problems from the entrance of Juan Cala in the first half. Enter Ángel Correa.

– 59 ‘Center with a lot of danger and almost scored by Cádiz. Oblak was already beaten.

– 56 ‘Salvi puts a tense ball at medium height and Negredo, with the only resource he had to finish off, connects a shot with his heel. Almost scored.

– 54 ‘First change in Cádiz. Iza Carcelén leaves the playing field. Enter Jon Ander Garrido.

– 50 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF ATLÉTICO DE MADRID! Luis Suárez shot in great form from twelve steps to increase the advantage in favor of the visit.

– 48 ‘Clear foul against Lemar and there is a penalty for the visit.

– 45 ‘The complementary part started.


– 45 ‘+ 6 End of the first half!

– 45 ‘+ 5 Cádiz tries to reach parity at the close of the first half.

– 45 ‘+ 3 Finally there is no penalty and the game is resumed.

– 45 ‘+ 1 There is a hand in the small area of ​​Atlético de Madrid. The referee communicates with the VAR.

– 45 ‘We are going to play three more minutes.

– 44 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF ATLÉTICO DE MADRID! Saúl managed to put his foot to deflect the ball and put the second for the ‘colchoneros’.

– 43 ‘Corner shot and’ Aleti ‘plays it short.

– 42 & # 39; Pass back and the Cádiz goalkeeper almost got complicated.

– 40 ‘Atlético de Madrid wants to get back up.

– 35 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF CÁDIZ! Great personal move by Negredo to put the parity on the scoreboard.

– 32 ‘A Cádiz player falls in the Atlético small area, but the judge says there is nothing.

– 30 ‘Cádiz tries to reach the mattress goal.

– 27 & # 39; GOOOOOOOOOOL OF ATLÉTICO DE MADRID! Luis Suárez executed a great free kick to open the scoring and put the visitors ahead.

– 26 ‘Foul against Joao Félix and there is a dangerous free kick for’ Aleti ‘.

– 23 ‘The visit of the first is getting closer and closer.

– 21 ‘The game is resumed and Atlético looks for the first.

– 20 ‘The game is paralyzed since a player from Cádiz is feeling.

– 15 ‘Good arrival of Atlético de Madrid. Suárez almost scored the first and then Saúl sent her out.

– 10 ‘Now yes, Atlético de Madrid’s absolute dominance.

– 7 & # 39; Free kick for Atlético de Madrid, but the Cádiz defense clears well.

– 4 ‘For now, there are not many chances to score.

– 1 ‘The game started in Spain.

– The game will start shortly.

SEE Atlético de Madrid vs Cádiz LIVE: confirmed lineups

XI Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Savic, Felipe, Giménez; Llórente, Saúl, Torreira, Koke, Lemar; João Felix, Suárez.

XI Cádiz: Ledesma; Carcelén, López, Cala, Izquierdo; Salvi, Jiménez, Jønsson, Perea; Lozano, Negredo.


The coach of the ‘Colchoneros’, Diego Simeone, will suffer two sensitive casualties to face the present duel. And it is that Mario Hermoso and Yannick Ferreira Carrasco tested positive for COVID-19. Both elements were referred to their respective homes where they will be isolated.

“Our players Yannick Ferreira Carrasco and Mario Hermoso have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last PCR tests carried out; they are in their respective homes complying with the isolation established by the protocol,” says the statement sent by the Spanish team through twitter account.

Despite this small unforeseen event, the ‘Cholo’ continues to add three points and establish himself at the top of the standings. He is presented with a golden opportunity: Real Madrid, his main guard, was defeated by Levante 2-1.

This would cause Atlético Madrid to go up to 50 points and establish a difference of 10 units over the ‘Whites’. Even more so after the rival on duty, Cádiz does not go through one of its best moments.

Installed in tenth place with 24 points, Cádiz wants to continue galloping to hunt down Europa League places and is very close to achieving it. It is 3 units from the eighth place and 8 from the sixth, the last place for the aforementioned contest.

Of course, he must improve his defensive zone since he has received a total of 7 games in the last three games, that is, an average of more than two goals per ‘match’. They will have to spin fine as they will meet Luis Suárez, one of LaLiga’s top scorers.

Atlético Madrid vs Cádiz: probable alignments

Atletico Madrid: Oblak; Savic, Giménez, Felipe, Vrsaljko, Koke, Llorente, Lemar, Correa, Félix and Suárez.

DT: D. Simeone.

Cádiz: Ledesma; Isaac, Cacerlen, Alcalá, Juan Cala, Marc Baró; Jonsson, Fali Jiménez, Salvi, Álex, A. Lozano and Álvaro Negredo.

DT: Álvaro.

Atlético Madrid vs Cádiz: schedules in the world

  • Peru – 10.15 am Lima time
  • Mexico – 09:15 am Mexico City time
  • Ecuador – 07:30 am Quito time
  • United States – 08.30 am Los Angeles time
  • United States – 07:30 am Texas time
  • United States – 07:30 am Miami time
  • Colombia – 07.30 am Bogotá time
  • Argentina – 9.30 am Buenos Aires time
  • Uruguay – 09.30 am Montevideo time
  • Paraguay – 07.30 am Asuncion time
  • Chile – 09.30 am Santiago time
  • Brazil – 07.30 am Brasilia time
  • Bolivia – 08.30 am La Paz time
  • Venezuela – 08.30 am Caracas time
  • Canada – 08.30 am Toronto time

Atlético Madrid vs Cádiz: channels in the world

Countries Channels
Argentina ESPN / DirecTV Sports
Bolivia ESPN / DirecTV Sports
Brazil ESPN Brazil
Chile ESPN / DirecTV Sports
Colombia ESPN / DirecTV Sports
Costa Rica Sky HD
Ecuador ESPN / DirecTV Sports
Mexico ESPN North
Paraguay ESPN / DirecTV Sports
Peru ESPN / DirecTV Sports
Spain Movistar +
U.S FOX Soccer
Uruguay ESPN / DirecTV Sports
Venezuela ESPN / DirecTV Sports

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