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Atlético Nacional fell 3-1 with Bucaramanga, for the ninth date in the I-2022 League. The Santander team went from less to more and achieved a great result for the new coaching staff led by Armando Osma. The Purslane started winning with a goal against Cristian Blanco, but managed to recover thanks to goals from Bruno Téliz, Sherman Cárdenas and Juan Marcelín.

With a great atmosphere at the Alfonso López stadium, Atlético Bucaramanga went out to try to solve the match, at minute 6, Kevin Pérez took advantage of a pass from Sherman Cárdenas and from mid-distance, almost opening the scoring. Two minutes later, Pérez himself had another arrival, this time with a ground-level shot that Aldair Quintana managed to stop.

At minute 10, the game had arrivals for both teams, first the local, by Bruno Téliz and Kevin Pérez. Then Nelson Palacio from mid-distance for Nacional, demanded goalkeeper Juan Camilo Chaverra.

Around minute 15, Nacional opened the scoring through a goal against Cristian Blanco. Andrés Andrade started with the play, associating himself with Jímer Fory, the left side returned the wall to the ‘Rifle’, who finished off with his right leg on the edge of the area and on the trajectory, the former Nacional deflected the ball, getting into his own goal.

But the joy did not last for the visit, after at minute 19, after a weak rejection by Danovis Banguero, the ball was left to Bruno Téliz, who equalized with a strong shot from his left leg, putting the ball into the goal guarded by Aldair Quintana , on the stick in his left hand. Matching the game for the Santander team.

After the goal, Nacional tried to go out in an associated way, but Bucaramanga did not allow them to advance, they recovered the ball and went on the attack. At minute 32, Sherman Cárdenas put the locals ahead, the Bucaramanga captain took advantage of an oversight by Aldair Quintana who failed to evacuate the ball, handed it to Banguero, who made another faulty rejection and Cárdenas recovered the ball, to finish off with a shot crossed out of reach of the purslane archer.

With the advantage on the scoreboard, Bucaramanga maintained control of the game, defending as a group and attacking with order. Nacional had the ball, but couldn’t reach the opposite goal with precision. the initial stage ended with a local managing and a visiting team confused.

In the complementary stage, Atlético Nacional made two changes: Aldair Quintana and Brahian Palacios withdrew, to make way for Kevin Mier and Ruyery Blanco. The visit insistently sought the opposite goal, while Bucaramanga held the advantage on the scoreboard, while seeking to refresh the list with a variant, entering Michel Acosta instead of Rodin Quiñones.

At minute 14, Agustín Cano joined Nacional instead of Jhon Elmer Solis. With the passing of the minutes, the visiting team used the middle distance to surprise Chaverra, although they were not precise in the shots. Bucaramanga had the third, at minute 20 with a mid-distance shot by Sherman Cárdenas that went slightly wide.

At minute 23, Ruyery Blanco had the tie, but Chaverra was careful to stop the ball. At minute 28, Nacional was left with 10 players, after the double warning of Jímer Fory, who had a strong clash with Michel Acosta. Bucaramanga took advantage of the break in the game to make two changes: Jackson Montaño and Juan Marcelín entered instead of Kevin Pérez and Bruno Teliz.

At minute 33 and after a collective play, the third came for Bucaramanga through Juan Marcelín, who finished off outside the area, with his left leg, leaving Kevin Mier without the option of reacting.

About minute 40 and after a clash with goalkeeper Juan Camilo Chaverra, Giovanni Moreno was hit and had to be replaced. The youthful Jaider Asprilla entered in his place. At minute 45, Sebastián Gularte had the fourth, but his shot went wide, in stoppage time, Gularte’s header again had another clear scoring chance.

Nacional went from more to less in the match, they failed to manage the advantage in the first half. Aldair Quintana and Danovis Banguero made serious mistakes, they had the ball, but they did not know how to be practical and in the end, they suffered another defeat, this time in the League.

This is the second loss in the League for Nacional, this time as a visitor. For Bucaramanga, it is the third victory in the championship, placing partially in 12th place with 11 points. On the next date, Atlético Bucaramanga visits Alianza Petrolera, while Atlético Nacional hosts Deportivo Independiente Medellín at the Atanasio.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED Correspondent
En Twitter: @juanchoserran8

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